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Podcast Episode #75: "The Importance of Empathetic Leadership" - an Interview with Lindsay Zwart

empathy leadership Feb 18, 2021

The Importance of Empathetic Leadership

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the remarkable Lindsay Zwart (Chief Enterprise Officer and Director, Vodafone), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:

  • Leading with compassion and empathy is what sets women apart. We can’t begin to understand what our customers and our team require without understanding where they’re coming from.
  • You need to cut yourself a break and know that as much as you want to do everything, you don’t need to do everything. Pick what will be the best for you to engage and have the best outcome.
  • You are the outcome. If you put the right structures in place, you can find the right balance that you need. Because work will continue calling, part of it, is accountability on understanding it’s on you as well to not take on more.
  • It is imperative to ask for help when needed. There’s no shame in that. Bringing smart brains together, bringing the collaboration of minds can get you the...
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Podcast Episode #74: "Innovation During Disruptive Times" - an Interview with Debbie Gibb

Innovation During Disruptive Times

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the extraordinary Debbie Gibb (Managing Director of N Ventures), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:

  • Build a core team around you of people who have skills that complement yours
  • It is critical create the environment where people can take risks and fail, creating an environment of “we can do it” mentality, especially if things aren’t going well
  • Lead by rolling out on what's happening in your industry real time and learn from that and make adjustments real time
  • Bring back the holistic view of critical thinking and the different perspectives
  • Own your story, where you are in your life and tell your story. Really define your own version of success as opposed to somebody elses

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3 Strategies for You to Gain Recognition

recognition Feb 16, 2021

3 Strategies for You to Gain Recognition

Have you been craving some recognition for all your amazing hard work and contribution?

If so, it’s no wonder. You deserve it!

One of our primary drivers of happiness is the desire to feel acknowledged and valued. If you’ve been going over and above the call of duty, producing stellar results, but have not been receiving the recognition you want and deserve, here are three ways you can light a fire under the behind of others, so they take notice of you and laud your efforts and accomplishments.

1.) Hone It and Own It. 
Repeat to a trusted friend, family member or to yourself in the mirror every day for at least a week at the same time every day. You can even send an audio message to someone:

“I am excellent at ….., and I bring tremendous value to …….  I love it because ….., and I speak about my area of passion and expertise to three colleagues, family members or friends a week.”


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Lessons Learned From Ursula Burns and Ann Mulcahy

courage power speak up Feb 10, 2021

Lessons Learned From Ursula Burns and Ann Mulcahy

Something extraordinary happened at Xerox between 2001 and 2009, prior to the only woman to woman CEO changing of the guard in a large Fortune 500 company. For almost a decade, Ann Mulcahy was a fierce ally and supporter of Ursula Burns, so there would be a smooth transition when Ursula became CEO in 2009. In Mulcahy’s HBR article How I Did It: Xerox’s Former CEO on Why Succession Shouldn’t Be a Horse Race, she was not threatened by the brilliant, outspoken, and power of Burns. Mulcahy recognized Burn’s strengths, challenged her to improve her weaknesses and championed her for almost a decade until Burns eventually replaced her as CEO. 

What can we learn from these two compassionate and powerful women, and how can we use this wisdom to empower more female leaders, emerging leaders and male allies, especially those who sit on the margins?

Quite a lot, but here are two important things to ponder and hopefully...

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Podcast Episode #73: "Ethics and A.I." - an Interview with Gwen Murphy

Ethics and A.l.

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the incredible Gwen Murphy (CEO/Co-Founder of Athena Advisory, LLC), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:

  • How we close the digital divide and get more women in technology
  • Which emerging technologies you should be most concerned about
  • A.I.'s impact to the lives of women and girls
  • Hone your craft ... and know your stuff
  • Your executive presence really matters
  • We can deliberately design these services/solutions (A.I., emerging technologies) with the world we envision (not accept things as they are)

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... or watch a video...

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Podcast Episode #72: "Creating and Empowering a Diverse Workforce" - an Interview with Sonia Wadhwa

Creating and Empowering a Diverse Workforce

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the talented and insightful Sonia Wadhwa (Chief of Staff and Director of Business Operations, Microsoft), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:

  • We must surround ourselves with others who will constantly remind us of our potential, especially during low phases of our journey.
  • This is especially true for those who sit on the margins.
  • Mentoring is one of the most important things a professional needs especially those who are on the margins and the quieter colleagues.
  • This is how a diverse workforce will thrive.
  • Anyone can be a mentor as long as he/she is one step ahead of the mentee, not just for senior leaders.
  • Be intentional and proactive about seeking out diverse individuals who'd benefit from your mentorship.
  • There is a great power in taking a pause, especially when emotions are running high (agreed 100%!)

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NO Person Has the Right to Rain on Your Dreams β€οΈπŸ…

clarity dreams new year Jan 14, 2021

NO Person Has the Right to Rain on Your Dreams

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, not sleeping well, dropping off your routine or your productivity is tanking... the good news is that you’re normal.

The not so good news is that you’re allowing your light to be dimmed. (Woo woo translation: your purpose-driven goodness that you are able to put into our family, your company and into the world is slowing down, and in some cases stopping all together.)

No bueno for you, your job security or those whom you influence.

You matter. A lot. Let’s make sure you understand how to manage your internal world, so you can keep contributing purposefully towards your dreams and feel joy along the way.

Whether it’s a person, pandemic, political climate/unrest/circus, intense period of social injustice, YOUR light must continue to shine. YOU must continue to make progress. YOU must influence and lead others to contribute at their...

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How to Get Clear on What Really Matters

How to Get Clear on What Really Matters

Happy New Year 2021 Limitless Leader family!

Yep, this community has a new name with some new content, curriculum and commitments. Here’s wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the blessings a heart can know as we emerge from a most unprecedented year. This will be a year of saying “yes” to speaking up, being heard, and being courageous for the things that matter most to YOU.

First, consider... Do you ever get distracted and veer from what’s most important?

Maybe you’re so busy that you don’t have time to focus on what really matters to have massive impact this year? 

We all do, but there are a couple things that sets the best apart from the rest.

Maybe it’s time for a “course correction”... so you can fully lean into this year with purpose-driven clarity, confidence and influence.

This is important now more than ever, don’t you think? 


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Here's to YOU Being Limitless in 2021!

Here's to YOU Being Limitless in 2021!

I never stop being impressed with this community. Despite a most unusual and challenging year, goodness, impact and momentum have prevailed. It is with sadness for all those who have suffered and also with gratitude for the purpose driven course-correction that has been demanded of all of us this year.

What will 2021 bring? YOU decide, and let’s make it happen.

What impact do you want to have?

How do you want to spend your days?

Whose lives do you want to touch?

What recognition would you like to receive?

How do you want to feel about your contribution, your energy, your freedom, your passion projects, your career, and your legacy?

You should know by now that I believe wholeheartedly, and I work with the scientists who have proven my quote to be true (namely Dr. Anders Ericsson, author of Peak)… 

“You are only limited by what you think is possible.”

Here’s to reaching new heights and a happy and healthy...

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You Are a Gift (My Surrender Practice)

You Are a Gift (My Surrender Practice)

First, thank you for becoming a new subscriber or for being a subscriber to our community for many years. Your willingness to continue to learn and grow makes you world-class. I mean it wholeheartedly when I say, you are a gift. A gift to your family, your colleagues, clients and ultimately to the world.

Our community motto for 2021 is Hone It and Own It because you deserve to shine your light as bright as ever in 2021, and you must. There is something that will inevitably get in the way though, so let’s deal with it now, so we can be unencumbered by it in 2021… This invisible barrier is called ‘preference’.

Preference is a funny (and troublesome) thing. When we prefer that something entirely out of our control is a certain way and it isn’t, more often than not it creates anxiety, frustration and sometimes even anger. These snowballs that we build into avalanches with our mind tend to...

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