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3 Strategies for You to Gain Recognition

recognition Feb 16, 2021

3 Strategies for You to Gain Recognition

Have you been craving some recognition for all your amazing hard work and contribution?

If so, it’s no wonder. You deserve it!

One of our primary drivers of happiness is the desire to feel acknowledged and valued. If you’ve been going over and above the call of duty, producing stellar results, but have not been receiving the recognition you want and deserve, here are three ways you can light a fire under the behind of others, so they take notice of you and laud your efforts and accomplishments.

1.) Hone It and Own It. 
Repeat to a trusted friend, family member or to yourself in the mirror every day for at least a week at the same time every day. You can even send an audio message to someone:

“I am excellent at ….., and I bring tremendous value to …….  I love it because ….., and I speak about my area of passion and expertise to three colleagues, family members or friends a week.”


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