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Podcast Episode #54: "Owning Your Passion and Expertise" - an Interview with Kamil Ali-Jackson

empathy expertise passion Jul 28, 2020

Owning Your Passion and Expertise

I had the honor of interviewing attorney Kamil Ali-Jackson, who co-founded Aclaris Therapeutics in 2012 and serves as chief legal officer, chief compliance officer and corporate secretary. Kamil also is an active board member of PDS Biotechnology and has earned degrees from Princeton and Harvard. Her years as a lawyer and mother have shaped Ali-Jackson’s leadership style and philosophy, which is to identify, acknowledge, and hire excellence; exemplify, encourage, and reward initiative and diversity of thought and experience; lead with empathy; and strive to empower all who work for her, including those who are typically “not in the room.”

Kamil Ali-Jackson uses a wealth of personal and professional experience to empower not only herself but others. Here are a couple of the main take-aways from our impactful conversation:

  • Don’t wait to do what you are born to do, do it before you’re pushed to do so
  • Know what your worth...
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