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Get Ahead by Giving: An Interview with Lynne Thornton, SVP Channel Acceleration at JSG

giving Nov 29, 2023

Lynne Thornton, SVP Channel Acceleration at JSG, is a seasoned professional known for her insights into career growth and networking strategies. In this conversation, she shares valuable advice on building meaningful connections and amazing wisdom on how to advance your career. Lynne emphasizes the power of networking with a giving approach, the influence of suggestion, and the importance of leaning into your adaptable skills.


Networking with a Giving Approach (03:22):
Lynne Thornton emphasizes the significance of networking, highlighting that the act of giving within professional circles can lead to unexpected opportunities and collaborations.

Power of Suggestion (06:43):
Explore the “power of suggestion” as a valuable tool, encouraging individuals to clearly communicate their career goals and intentions to create opportunities.

Skills are Transferable (11:19):
Recognize that skills are transferable across different roles and industries, promoting...

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