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Podcast Episode #53: "Developing the Mindset to Be a Courageous Ally" - an Interview with Melody Feinberg

allyship courage risk Jul 18, 2020

Developing the Mindset to Be a Courageous Ally

I was honored to interview Melody Feinberg, who is the Chief Risk Officer at Federal Home Loans Bank of New York. Our topic was "Building the Mindset to Be a Courageous Ally" and the key takeaways were:  

  • Melody's story and the courage of a few male allies
  • Every next level of ambition is scary (but worth it)
  • How to be a creative ally (hint... it involves taking risks)
  • How to have an allyship at your organization
  • You can have "red cards" without them being confrontational
  • Be bold

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3 Steps to Courageous Allyship

3 Steps to Courageous Allyship

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Often times growth, progress and change require risk. 

When an Olympic hopeful in equestrian show-jumping decides to play all out, she may decide to cut inside a jump to shave off precious time from the clock rather than choose a safer route to allow more time to get her horse balanced and straight. 

If she plays all out, she takes a big risk. 

Her horse may not be as able to clear the fence therefore taking down a rail and incur 4 or more faults. This would likely knock her out of qualifying for the Olympic team. 

Growing and progressing in her sport will require her to take these types of risks.

The reward? Clearing the jump and proving that her sex, age and experience are good enough to contribute to the Olympic team, therefore creating a ripple effect, inspiring other young riders to work hard and take strategic chances as well. 

Being a courageous ally requires risk as well. 


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