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You Are a Gift (My Surrender Practice)

You Are a Gift (My Surrender Practice)

First, thank you for becoming a new subscriber or for being a subscriber to our community for many years. Your willingness to continue to learn and grow makes you world-class. I mean it wholeheartedly when I say, you are a gift. A gift to your family, your colleagues, clients and ultimately to the world.

Our community motto for 2021 is Hone It and Own It because you deserve to shine your light as bright as ever in 2021, and you must. There is something that will inevitably get in the way though, so let’s deal with it now, so we can be unencumbered by it in 2021… This invisible barrier is called ‘preference’.

Preference is a funny (and troublesome) thing. When we prefer that something entirely out of our control is a certain way and it isn’t, more often than not it creates anxiety, frustration and sometimes even anger. These snowballs that we build into avalanches with our mind tend to...

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