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Motivating Teams During Uncertain Times


If you find yourself worried about how to motivate your team you're in good company. This challenge has been on the minds of many lately, and it's a topic I've repeatedly addressed with my clients. In fact, I recently sent out a message sharing strategies to take on these very concerns.

Since this subject is so vital, I wanted to share these transformative tips that have made a real difference for the teams I've been working with.

Based on the last 30 years of high performance research, here are a few strategies to help teams navigate through these uncertain times.

1. Acknowledge and Validate the Struggle (Maybe with Humor!)

Acknowledge and validate your team’s challenges. Having a little well placed humor can help as well. If a target looks crazy, say it! Lean into the discomfort. Embracing the struggle together creates an environment where it's okay to acknowledge that things are tough. It humanizes the experience and sets a positive tone for what lies ahead.

2. Focus on...

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Feeling Firehosed?

Feeling Firehosed?

Feeling like you’re drinking from a firehose? You’re not alone!

If you’d like me to talk you off the ledge:), let's chat privately ASAP.

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Now that we are deep into Q4, what I’m hearing (now more than ever) is that individuals and teams are feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and losing motivation.

Your or your team’s highest sense of impact and contribution DO NOT live here, and it’s virtually an impossible pace to sustain.

This, of course, has a huge ripple down effect on productivity, profitability as well as talent retention... not to mention on the overall sense of well-being and impact on the family. As you can imagine, this is costly. Upwards of $500 billion dollars of lost revenue a year according to a recent Gallup study.

If you are an ambitious heart-centered leader, we lose even more. We lose your ability to access your highest sense of contribution, your ability to influence up and have the biggest voice...

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