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Nail Your Next Crucial Conversation: Do This First!

Nail Your Next Crucial Conversation: Do This First!

Have you ever had an important conversation or interaction, and left the room (or Zoom:) feeling like you didn’t have the impact you’d hoped for? Maybe you flat out bombed the opportunity (I think most of us have experienced that at some point!) If so, you’re definitely not alone, but let’s make sure it never happens again! Your voice matters, and you deserve and need to be heard.

The entire process is outlined in my
Limitless Leader course, but here’s a great place to start, with preparing your mindset. Permission to be transparent? If you don’t believe in what you have to say or you are unclear of the outcome you desire, then it will be difficult at best to influence others. 

While the 7/38/55 rule of communication states that only 7% of our communication is perceived by our words, 38% by our tone, and 58% by our gestures (1967, Albert Mehrabian and his colleagues at UCLA), is debatable, one...

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