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Working Hard But NOT Making Enough Progress?

Working Hard But NOT Making Enough Progress?

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Do you ever feel like you are working EXTREMELY hard and...

1.)  not making the progress you want and deserve 
2.)  not feeling acknowledged 
3.)  not able to sustain the pace

If so, you are 100% not alone.

In an effort to disrupt this cycle and make progress towards you achieving your potential in a holistic and sustainable way, we are going to kick off International Women's Day a little early. Let’s all be inspired and learn from the amazing stories, impact and courage from women past and present, so we can be our best and rise, together.

For a moment, step into the shoes of Wilma Rudolph who was one of 21 children (yes, 21!) in her family, and born 1940 in St. Bethlehem, TN. Because Wilma was born premature and inflicted with many childhood illnesses (including polio), she was told by her doctor that she would never walk again.

Her mother...

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It's Time to Stop Feeling Mediocre

It's Time to Stop Feeling Mediocre

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I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Thanksgiving break with family and friends.

I'm 100% blown away by how amazing YOU already are!

Here’s what I’m hearing though over and over again from my local and global workshop attendees... as well as those applying for my monthly subscription:

Despite all the amazing things they are doing... “I feel mediocre.”

I hear you.

I’ve felt that way too.

If we work extra hard, we feel like we are mediocre with our loved ones and friends. If we commit to our family, our career ambitions might slow down. Here’s the worst: We work extra hard at both, and still feel like we are coming up short:(.

I'd like to share three valuable tips to STOP feeling mediocre and get onto feeling (as Jen Sincero of You are a Badass so eloquently puts it) like your badass self at work AND at home.

  1. Create your circumstances and the person...
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Make Consistent Progress: 4 Tips to Choose and Work with an Accountability Buddy

Make Consistent Progress: 4 Tips to Choose and Work with an Accountability Buddy

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World-class athletes and business professionals do not achieve and maintain greatness alone, and neither can you. Accountability is one way you can set yourself up for consistent progress on your march towards your Olympics.

So how do you choose the right peer, friend, or colleague as an accountability buddy?

Well, they should be:

  • More experienced than you (ideally)
  • Have your best interests at heart
  • Not in competition with you in any way
  • Not threatened by you                               

It’s also important to take care of some housekeeping early on. Here are four important things to discuss prior to getting started with an accountability buddy:

  1. Be explicit about what is important to you, what you are committed to doing, and what help you are hoping for. If you ask someone and...
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