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NO Person Has the Right to Rain on Your Dreams β€οΈπŸ…

clarity dreams new year Jan 14, 2021

NO Person Has the Right to Rain on Your Dreams

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, not sleeping well, dropping off your routine or your productivity is tanking... the good news is that you’re normal.

The not so good news is that you’re allowing your light to be dimmed. (Woo woo translation: your purpose-driven goodness that you are able to put into our family, your company and into the world is slowing down, and in some cases stopping all together.)

No bueno for you, your job security or those whom you influence.

You matter. A lot. Let’s make sure you understand how to manage your internal world, so you can keep contributing purposefully towards your dreams and feel joy along the way.

Whether it’s a person, pandemic, political climate/unrest/circus, intense period of social injustice, YOUR light must continue to shine. YOU must continue to make progress. YOU must influence and lead others to contribute at their...

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