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The Surprising Power of Constructive Criticism and Partnerships


Many times, to have an even greater impact in our roles, we need to partner with others, especially with our leadership. Having a bigger voice and gaining buy-in from your leadership, especially when there are many competing interests can be tough.

Today, I want to share an exciting sneak peek in my journey—one that shares the transformative power of collaboration and partnerships. It's a story about how I came to join forces with Rali, a remarkable software company that shares my passion for fostering positive change. Through this experience, I have learned the profound importance of collaboration and the potential they hold to unlock limitless possibilities. Join me as I recount the steps that led me to this decision which just may help you as well!

But first, I wanted to share that the Fearless Female Leadership journey was initiated because of some not so easy to swallow constructive criticism. So, the next time you receive constructive criticism (from someone who has your...

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Bring the Best Out of Your Team


Aleta Jeffress, Senior Vice President at CGI, is a seasoned professional with a diverse array of experiences who embodies the principles of continual learning, discipline, and the power of a positive mindset. From her emphasis on the importance of professional growth to her insights into building and nurturing successful teams, Aleta's journey stands as an amazing example for those aiming to succeed in our new work climate.

In this insightful interview, Aleta dives deep, offering a fresh perspective on leadership, mindset shifts, and the art of team-building. As you listen, you'll find Aleta's wisdom not just enlightening but also a compelling call to action.


[7:40] Continual learning and professional growth
[11:43] The importance of discipline and consistency
[12:41] Shifting from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset
[16:04] Building and nurturing a successful team
[24:20] Focusing on your wins


Continual Learning and Professional Growth: It's crucial to...

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The Power of Clarity: Taking Control of Your Year End Triumphs


As we move forward in this dynamic year, full of twists, turns, opportunities, and challenges, it's not uncommon to find ourselves in the thick of things. We're so often swept into the whirlwind of our immediate tasks and short-term goals that we might lose sight of our broader objectives.

As the year feels like it’s zipping by, you can slow time and take back control to create the triumphs you’d like to see AND how you’d like to feel.

This is the moment to get crystal clear on how you want to wrap up the year, how you want your leadership story to unfold, and what milestones you want to achieve.

There’s a powerful and proven tool that can help you take back control of the remaining weeks in the year and reach your desired destination: Clarity.

Here are 3 key insights from my new enterprise digital journey, Fearless Female Leadership which will be released later in the year. Clarity is where your journey starts, and these should help you to plan a successful...

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Motivating Teams During Uncertain Times


If you find yourself worried about how to motivate your team you're in good company. This challenge has been on the minds of many lately, and it's a topic I've repeatedly addressed with my clients. In fact, I recently sent out a message sharing strategies to take on these very concerns.

Since this subject is so vital, I wanted to share these transformative tips that have made a real difference for the teams I've been working with.

Based on the last 30 years of high performance research, here are a few strategies to help teams navigate through these uncertain times.

1. Acknowledge and Validate the Struggle (Maybe with Humor!)

Acknowledge and validate your team’s challenges. Having a little well placed humor can help as well. If a target looks crazy, say it! Lean into the discomfort. Embracing the struggle together creates an environment where it's okay to acknowledge that things are tough. It humanizes the experience and sets a positive tone for what lies ahead.

2. Focus on...

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Having Influence when Emotions are Running High


So many times, whether in a professional setting or personal life, having influence or getting through to someone that you're in disagreement with can seem like an uphill battle. I know I've wrestled with it, and from my recent message to my client about these very challenges, it's clear many others do too. But since this is such an important topic, I didn't want to stop there. I wanted to share these insights with you as well.

When emotions are running high, conversations can quickly escalate into conflict, leaving both parties feeling frustrated and misunderstood. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are strategies we can all learn to communicate more effectively, even in the most emotionally charged situations. These strategies are not about manipulation but about understanding, empathy, and collaboration.

Whether you're trying to negotiate at work, talk to a family member about a sensitive topic, or have any crucial conversation that's potentially emotionally...

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