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Beyond KPI’s: How to Ensure Women are Heard and Valued

Sheryl Kline M.A. CHPC: Fearless Female Leadership
Beyond KPI’s: How to Ensure Women are Heard and Valued

Christine Kiefer, Senior Vice President at Experis/Manpower Group, embodies the qualities of adaptability, inclusive leadership, and dedication to excellence.

In this interview, Christine dives into the challenges she has encountered, the transformative moments that have shaped her remarkable career, and the profound importance of fostering diversity within organizations.


KPIs Don’t Always Reflect Satisfaction: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) may show success on paper, but they don’t necessarily reflect client or employee satisfaction. Sometimes, despite meeting KPIs, clients may not feel they are receiving the expected value. (Timestamp: 16:05)

Importance of Sponsorship for Women: Sponsorship, which actively supports and promotes individuals, is crucial for women’s career advancement. Having a mentor is not the same as having a sponsor, and many women feel they lack sponsorship opportunities. (Timestamp: 19:07)

Benefits of Diverse Leadership:...

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