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Getting Overlooked for a New Title or Promotion?


Getting Overlooked for a New Title or Promotion?

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day today to honor women, their achievements, and their contributions, don’t you think that it’s time for swifter real change? While we’re up against hundreds of years of cultural indoctrinations, your voice matters now more than ever, and together we can shift cultures, companies, and course correct the world for the greater good. I’ve witnessed this transformation in individual female leaders, their teams, and in their entire companies... and it's powerful! 

As part of this Limitless Leader community, you and I are on target to empower 10,000 female leaders and emerging leaders to be heard, valued, and respected more... and to empower women to get the projects, promotions, titles, raises, and respect they want and deserve.

But, there is still much work to be done…

I’d like to dispel one myth that may resonate with you as it has with so many others.

Have you ever felt like your work should speak for itself... and then get frustrated (ok, angry) that you didn’t get the title or the promotion?

Not fair, but it certainly happens. A lot.

Here’s part of the problem: 

Due to cultural indoctrinations and other factors, women who are outnumbered are up to 75% less likely to speak up than men. Consequently, men do not seem to have the same tendencies when outnumbered by women ( As a sidebar, I’m not sure when that would be the case, but interesting nonetheless. 

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have found ourselves in this predicament. Clamming up when we know we should speak up. Maybe it’s an awkward situation. Maybe there is a lot at stake. Maybe it’s just easier not to say anything. Whether it’s in our living room or in the boardroom, your voice needs to be heard if you are to get the visibility and recognition you deserve.

If we can ALL learn to speak up more about our accomplishments, areas of genius, and what we want and deserve, we’ll be better equipped to:

  1. Empower leadership to do the right thing
  2. Reduce your and your colleague’s emotional tax and the probability of burnout that comes along with being or feeling silenced
  3. Increase productivity and profitability by empowering others

This issue can be solved with longer-form workshops and/or coaching. But I’ve received so many emails and messages, I’d like to get you started here.

  1. Focus on awareness.
    Learn to listen to your gut and your heart. Based on Gavin de Becker’s book, Gift of Fear, we take in more information than we can cognitively process. Many times, we have a gut instinct, but we tell ourselves a story or pass it off as nothing important. Be more aware of your gut to get clear on when you should speak up for issues big or small. This will assist with being congruent with our highest sense of integrity

  2. Make peace with any fear, doubt, worry, etc that you have.
    These are universal emotions, even for the highest performers in the world. So, they are 100% normal. The difference is that world-class performers know how to use these emotions to their benefit and to proceed anyway in a calm and effective way. It’s a choice, but it takes practice. You can start by noticing your emotion, and in a neutral tone and then choosing your next best course of action. For example, ‘I notice I’m scared to call out a micro-aggression/challenge my CEO on his/her request…, but I choose to take action by doing..../’

  3. Hone in on acknowledging others, even those with who you strongly disagree.
    The reason being is that it’s a human drive to feel acknowledged and validated. Before we can fully be heard and influence others to act, they must feel acknowledged and validated first. This isn’t for them. It makes it more likely others will listen to what you have to say. It’s the necessary groundwork for helping peers or leadership come up to your point of view. While you may be angry or frustrated, the mindset and tone that goes along with it will not likely work to your advantage. 

Watch my video (above) with tips on how to speak up.

The world needs your voice now more than ever.

Women have a unique perspective. Women have a fierce sense of purpose and contribution.

Happy International Women’s Day 2022!

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Cheering you on always


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