What Female Leaders Are Saying About Sheryl and the Fearless Female Leadership Program

What Female Leaders Are Saying About Sheryl

Corporate Testimonials

Heather Bailey, AIF
Vice President, Sr. Retirement Director

“This has been a year filled with a lot of disruption and 'hard pivots.' To assist our key relationships, State Street Global Advisors hosted a 4-part webinar series for clients and prospects which was facilitated by Sheryl Kline. 'Skilling Up During Disruption' engaged attendees across the series, and Sheryl's expertise and results in optimizing performance for those who already exist in the high-performance space was amazing to see! This series scrapes the surface of Sheryl's ability to transform an individual's or business performance, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you Sheryl!”

Emma Tommony
Portfolio Director, Women in Tech World Series

“Sheryl had the opening keynote address on both days of our Women of Silicon Valley event and led one of our workshops. Her energy and professionalism combined with timely content, messages and inspiration made her a perfect fit. We can't wait to have her back!”


Monica Graham
Vice President, Operations Manager

“Sheryl Kline did an amazing job training our team on having difficult conversations while remaining highly influential.  She effortlessly connected and engaged our group over a half-day virtual training session.  The content was poignantly relevant.  It hit several key areas of focus and provided clear-cut ways to be successful in any situation.  By the end of the training, we all had several tools that could implement immediately.  Within 24 hours I had attendees let me know they applied their new skills in delicate or emotionally charged interactions with resounding success.   We are looking forward to part II with her new book dropping soon.  We would love to work with Sheryl again in the future.  She is a delight and inspiration!”

Tina Schackman, CFA
Co-Chairwoman, Southern California

"We had Sheryl deliver a 1-hour workshop to our members to help them understand the influence they can have to be the leader at work and with their families that is so greatly needed during these uncertain times. Sheryl's content was engaging and immediately useful as she provided real-life examples of how to "own our morning" and develop a mindset to be mentally prepared to face anything. I would highly recommend Sheryl to any group looking for inspiration and a framework designed to have impact."

Jill Reinhold
SVP, Corporate Marketing

"I found this [Mental Toughness in the Workplace: How to Build an Influential Mindset] session so personally helpful and especially your presence. You did a great job connecting with the audience and the specific challenges these female leaders."

Kelly Leanos
Chapter President,
CREW East Bay

"We recently had Sheryl speak at our CREW East Bay event. Sheryl's interactive event was extremely relevant and engaging. Her content was very informative, providing great content and tools for all our female leaders. She left us energized and eager to have her back!”

Amy Bunszel
EVP, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Design

"I invited Sheryl to be a guest panelist for Autodesk's Female Start-Up Founder Speaker Series. Our topic was 'Mental Toughness for Women in High-Tech Start-Ups'. Sheryl's content was well-thought out, innovative and impactful. Sheryl connected easily with our audience and provided clear actionable take-aways on how to be more Mentally Tough, especially in high pressure situations and also strategies to recover when setbacks occur. Sheryl delivered, and we'll definitely have her back!"

Doreen Seben
Executive Director, Women in Technology

"We recently had Sheryl present a virtual global webinar on the topic of ‘How to Be Seen and Heard.’ The content, presentation, and engagement were top-notch. Sheryl’s high energy and expertise were very well received. We look forward to discussing the next steps with Sheryl!”

Carolyn  Herr
Vice President, Channel Communities

“Sheryl led one of our super sessions at Women of the Channel West. Her energy and professionalism combined with timely content, messages and inspiration made her a perfect fit. We can’t wait to have her come back for Women of the Channel East in New York this December!”

Client Testimonials

Christina West
Senior Partner Executive Team, OTG Consulting

"Sheryl and her Fearless Female Leadership system has helped me go from playing smaller than I could in terms of my title and area of influence, despite a high level of expertise... to recognizing my title as the CRO and speaking up about it. I now own my worth, and I’m positioned accurately with more confidence than ever. This makes me feel much more powerful and in control of my destiny. This is a win-win for myself and my organization.”

Kelly Nagel
Former President & GM, Jabra North America

“I just wanted to thank you, Sheryl, for the incredible insights in your Fearless Female Leadership program. Your strategies and advice helped me prepare mentally and tactically for a recent high-stakes Global Management Team meeting. The meeting went extremely well, my voice was heard,, and I was able to facilitate discussions on difficult topics with very productive results. Overall, Fearless Female Leadership has been transformative for me, the GMT, and our company.”

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Gavriella Schuster
Former Corporate Vice President at Microsoft

“The Fearless Female Leadership proven process prepares female leaders and emerging leaders for the marathon ahead and not just for a short-term sprint. Systemic change takes work, support, and it takes leadership. Sheryl is driving that change across the spectrum of business.”

Erin Gregor
CEO of The Starters Club & Founder of PodGrowth

"I was at a place where I was doing well, but I knew I was limiting myself. I couldn't quite get over what it was exactly that was holding me back. So, I had Sheryl really help me to get some huge breakthroughs … not just in my business, but in my life.

I cannot recommend Sheryl enough for High Performance coaching. It was a really great experience to help me get those breakthroughs… not just in my business, but in my life and help me get to that next level."

Kimberly Rosenberg
Executive Wealth Manager,
Coldstream Wealth

"I'm managing principal of a leading financial planning company. How did I get to this point? Well, one of the things that I did just prior to passing my CFP license was work with Sheryl Kline... it was one of the most insightful things I've done in my career. The transformation I experienced was a result of the profound help that Sheryl delivered. She gave me her time, asked the right questions, and provided me with great tools. I am so thankful!”

Laurie Harvey
Head of Enterprise Marketing, Jabra North America

"I did not feel supported by my senior leaders which made me especially worried about receiving funding for an upcoming important initiative. After working with Sheryl, I was not only able to receive full funding, but I also was able to have a crucial conversation that led to greater mutual trust and even a promotion!

This meeting was one of the best days of my life!"

Female Executive
Fortune 100 Company, National Accounts

“Prior to working with Sheryl, I would have been far more anxious about performing in front of our highest leadership, and I would have played safe. Without the tools I learned from Sheryl, I would have had a seat at the table, but the board meeting would have ended as it normally ends, good but far less impactful. A recent board meeting ended with my comments, and with the board members saying 'If I could have recorded your comments to play for our 80,000 employees, I would.' THIS WAS ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF MY CAREER! This level of impact would have never happened without my work with Sheryl.”

Christina Grenier
Executive Communications Lead, Cisco

"I've gotten tremendous support and help working with Sheryl through the 1:1 coaching, training, worksheets and other tools. And now with all the planning that we've put together in place, I am SO excited to go after and chase my dream. I highly recommend working with Sheryl for anyone looking to chase their next career dream and goals!"

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