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Stop Being Hysterical and Slow Down - an Interview with Laura Guio


It was such an honor to spend time with Laura Guio, a powerful and influential leader with a 30-year career at IBM. Laura joined us from Copenhagen, Denmark to share her journey, filled with invaluable lessons, challenges, and the wisdom she gained along the way. 

Laura dives into the nuances of building a successful career, the importance of adaptability, and the art of maintaining a strong personal brand. Her insights are not just reflections of her professional journey but also serve as guiding principles for anyone looking to make their mark in their career.


Embrace Continuous Learning and Role Versatility (02:15): Success often comes from the willingness to learn and adapt. Taking on various roles to understand different aspects of a business can be more beneficial than excelling in just one area. Being versatile and competent across multiple domains often outweighs being a specialist in a single field.

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