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webinar Apr 10, 2024
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Fearless Female Leadership: What’s Next for You? A Proven Process to Gain Clarity and Confidence


Sometimes we get that uncomfortable feeling, like it’s time to shift, make a pivot or uplevel, and we often ask ourselves, ‘What's next for me?’

It’s a bold question, often not an easy one, isn’t it?!

Do you ever get that feeling that you are being called to do more, or do something different? 

I’ve had the honor of working with some of the most prolific and influential female leaders, here in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and across the country and their teams. 

One thing they’ve  said over the years is  “I wish all the women in my organization could have the transformation that I'm having, so they can go from being possibly silenced, overlooked or disregarded to being and feeling heard, valued, respected. Like they're really an agent of change.”

And so last September, I said ‘yes!’ to a fantastic opportunity to partner with the software company and learning platform Rali to create and film...

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Pro's, Con's and Profitability of Being Virtual First - an Interview with Jessica Bacher 

It was such a joy to speak with Jessica Bacher, Chief People Officer at Prolink, who shares her personal journey of overcoming adversity in her teens and first-generation college graduate.

With the support of her parents, especially her mother's advocacy, Jessica navigated unfamiliar territory to pursue higher education. She reflects on her non-linear career path, emphasizing the value of lateral moves and project work over promotions.

Jessica also discusses Prolink's virtual-first approach, which prioritizes flexibility and work-life balance, allowing employees to work in various time zones and manage their schedules around personal commitments. This model supports the company's healthcare clients while avoiding an "always-on" culture, and it enables Prolink to tap into a broader talent pool beyond local geographies.

Key Takeaways:

  • The journey to leadership (00:00:00) Jessica shares her journey to becoming a first-generation college grad and...
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No One Succeeds Alone

community success Mar 19, 2024

In the last 5 years, my husband Scott and I have almost moved on several occasions, but then decided not to at the last minute.

This time was different. I could feel in my bones that it was time to take action and not look back. Our house is now going on the market this month, and I’ve been feeling a lot of emotions following the task of writing a love letter to my home, as requested by my realtor.

It made me realize how grateful and appreciative I am of this home. This home caught us when it was a challenging time for our family, healed us, provided a place for laughter, sometimes tears, birthday parties, dinner parties, and sitting in the hot tub in the backyard at night watching the clouds pass over the stars.

This is the home where I said ‘yes’ to my now husband and where I came up with the idea of how to scale the impact of my company.

For all of those things and many more, I am forever grateful to my home.

I’m excited to be selling our house with the...

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Creating High Performing Cultures - an Interview with Mindi Cox

culture high performance Mar 14, 2024

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Mindi Cox, Chief Marketing and People Officer at OC Tanner, who shares her insights on fostering a high-performing culture within organizations.

We discussed the importance of prioritizing employee well-being, especially during economic uncertainty.

Mindi emphasizes the need for leaders to build strong relationships and provide support, which can lead to increased loyalty and productivity. She also touches on the shift from seeing roles as transactional to viewing them as responsibilities that bring joy and connection.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mindi's Journey (00:01:09) Mindi shares her journey to leadership, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and making promises to oneself.
  • Importance of Relationships (00:12:30) Mindi emphasizes the significance of relationships and the impact on the organization's culture and long-term results.
  • Work-Life Balance and Flexibility (00:16:21) Mindi shares her personal experience with work-life balance...
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Mastering the Art of the Ask for Women in the Workplace


Growing up, I used to go with my dad to drop off and pick up the clothes at the neighborhood laundromat. Whenever he lost his ticket to claim his clothes, the laundromat owner would say: ‘No ticket, no wash.’ And she was not kidding!

When it comes to building visibility, impact, and the support from your leadership, if you don’t ask, you’re likely not going to get. 

This is a double whammy because our male counterparts tend to be 4 times more likely to make an ask for a raise or a higher salary when initially hired according to Women Don't Ask by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever.

If this sounds familiar, the good news is that you’re certainly not alone. The not so good news is that you could be losing out on $1,000,000.00 during the course of your career according to the recent UC Davis study, titled Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Great Gender Divide.

The ability to effectively make an ask is a valuable skill that can open doors, forge...

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The Experience Mindset: A New Way to Think about Growth

#mindset growth Feb 28, 2024

I had the honor of speaking with Tiffani Bova, a Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, former Senior Vice President of Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. We dove into her career journey and the powerful concepts from her book The Experience Mindset.

Tiffani shared her perspectives on personal growth, career agility, and the importance of customer and employee experiences. Her insights are particularly valuable for female leaders looking to navigate the complexities of modern business environments with confidence and skill.

Key Takeaways:

Foundational Lessons from Sports (01:11): Tiffani attributes early life lessons from sports as key to her success. The skills of grace in victory, resilience in defeat, and being a team player have greatly influenced her professional journey.

Career Progression and Risk-Taking (03:10): Bova’s career is marked by a mix of lateral, downward, and upward moves, emphasizing the importance of taking risks and believing in...

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Prepare Mentally and Tactically to Negotiate Under Pressure

high-pressure negotiation Feb 22, 2024

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting, presentation, or other high pressure conversation, emotions are running high, and you’re thrown off your game? Whether you’re negotiating a raise, a new role, or to gain buy-in from your leadership, the ability to negotiate under pressure is a vital skill to have in your tool belt. Let’s explore some key strategies from the Fearless Female Leadership framework that can empower you to handle emotionally charged conversations and high-stakes negotiations and ensure that you are heard, valued, and respected in the moments that matter...

The Three Critical Steps: The Fearless Female Leadership Framework emphasizes clarity, confidence, and influence. These are foundational to any successful negotiation, especially ones that are or have the potential to be emotionally charged.

World-Class Preparation with the ABC Prep Sheet: Just like Olympians, leaders should prepare comprehensively for crucial conversations. The ABC Prep...

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Owning Your Worth - an Interview with Jane Boulware

worth Feb 15, 2024

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jane Boulware, the Chief Marketing Officer and acting Chief Strategy Officer at The Gottman Institute, Chairman of the Board (or I should say Chairwoman) for the Boys and Girls Club, former top 150 Microsoft executive, and now author!. Jane recently shared her journey and valuable lessons from her life and from her book, ‘Worthy: From Cornfields to Corner Office of Microsoft’.

Her experiences, from overcoming poverty and self-doubt to achieving executive roles at Microsoft, offer powerful insights for female leaders and emerging leaders. Jane’s book, "Worthy," is not just about her ascent; it's a testament to overcoming personal and external limitations and embracing one's true potential.

Key Takeaways:

Inspiration Behind "Worthy" [00:01:12]:
Jane discusses her motivation for writing her book, emphasizing overcoming external limitations and self-imposed barriers, and the importance of helping others ascend in their careers....

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Unlocking the Power of Leadership - My Conversation with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis at the 2023 Global Acceleration Summit

leadership Feb 06, 2024

Last Fall, I had the honor of being interviewed by George Sifakis, the CEO of Ideagen, for their 2023 Global Acceleration Summit. The summit’s focus? Assessing the progress of the United Nations’ 17 Social Development Goals at the halfway mark to 2023.

It was a riveting experience, and I’m thrilled to share some key takeaways with you:

Key Takeaway 1: The Importance of Mental Toughness in Leadership
Think about one person who has inspired you. Chances are, they exhibited a level of mental toughness that drew you in. During the interview, we dove into the concept of mental toughness, especially for women in leadership. It’s not just about being resilient; it’s about being emotionally agile and prepared for any situation. I’ve even been studying FBI hostage negotiations to equip leaders with the skills to be heard, valued, and respected.

Key Takeaway 2: The Role of Personal Stories in Shaping Leadership
Personal stories aren’t just for memoirs;...

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