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3 Easy Ways to Accelerate Progress and Get Better Quicker

3 Easy Ways to Accelerate Progress and Get Better Quicker

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I know that you're ambitious, but sometimes our progress isn't as quick as we would like, or we feel like we're working really hard and we're not seeing the results that we want and deserve.

So I'm going to share one, what I called "tiny triumph" today. It's one little thing that you can start doing differently, and it is a tool that elite athletes use. I've been teaching this tool over the last 25 years to business leaders and other world-class performers so they can accelerate their progress and get better quicker.

I also use it myself... often!

Imagery Training

We're going to be talking about Imagery Training, which we just covered in my "live" monthly online roundtable group. Imagery Training is about creating short movie clips that help champion your results. We went deep into this topic, so members could get a really good idea how world-class performers bring what they...

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