Empower Your Company’s or Organization’s Female Leaders

with the clarity, courage, and influence to make a bold impact on your organizational culture and growth, and to leverage their unique gifts and experiences.

Experience it today with a complimentary digital lesson.


Empower your company’s or organization’s female leaders

with the clarity, courage, and influence to make a bold impact on your organizational culture and growth, and to leverage their unique gifts and experiences.

  • Enables women to achieve higher levels of team, talent, and business impact.
  • Drives better engagement, retention, innovation, and profitability across your entire organization.
  • Developed from a proven framework backed by science.

Experience it today with a complimentary digital lesson.


The ONLY Enterprise Digital Curriculum that Empowers Fearless Female Leadership

The Fearless Female Leadership Enterprise Journey Edition is a proven and immersive framework that empowers emerging female leaders go from feeling silenced, overlooked or lacking confidence… to being innovative, courageous and influential agents of change.

Gain Clarity
  • Create a clear vision to think bigger
  • Build individualized roadmaps for accountability and progress
  • Boost motivation to best approach high-stakes moments
Up-level Confidence
  • Learn how to be emotionally agile in high-pressure situations
  • Defuse emotionally-charged conversations for productive outcomes
  • Accelerate ability to lead leaders
Build Strategic Influence
  • Understand the mental and tactical preparation required to influence
  • Learn strategic empathy to build trust
  • Leverage strategies to gain buy-in

Experience it today with a complimentary digital lesson.

Empower the Female Leaders in Your Company to Drive Greater Impact in 2024 and a
Plan to Make it Happen

Experience it today with a complimentary Fearless Female Leadership digital lesson:
  • Build clarity to innovate and think bigger
  • Develop world class preparation for high stakes moments
  • Up-level confidence to build emotional agility when under pressure
  • Defuse emotionally charged conversations for productive outcomes
  • Accelerate the ability to voice ideas to leadership
  • Build strategic influence to build trust
  • Gain buy in and move key initiatives forward
  • View the¬†Fearless Female Leadership Enterprise¬†Journey¬†Edition lesson summaries¬†

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Empower your female leaders and emerging leaders wherever they are globally. The Fearless Female Leadership Enterprise Journey Edition has been localized into 40 languages! Watch an example of Sheryl's training lessons in Spanish.

Drive Greater Innovation, Retention, and Profitability

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Participants in this journey will learn how to take their leadership to the next level of impact, focusing on the areas of clarity, confidence, and influence.

The Fearless Female Leadership Journey is delivered on Rali‚Äôs Change Experience Platform (CxP) - an immersive experience that leverages Rali‚Äôs unique Learn | Do | Inspire framework, which activates all the drivers of engagement, behavioral adoption, and organization impact. The Rali Platform delivers ‚Äúchange at scale‚ÄĚ and empowers measurable, scalable, and lasting change that drives performance improvement across the organization. Rali helps ensure successful outcomes by uniting technology, behavioral science, and change management best practices.


Here's What Women Are Saying About the Fearless Female Leadership Journey

Kelly Nagel

Board Member, Advisor and Former President & General Manager, Jabra NA

"The Fearless Female Leadership Journey put me in the right frame of mind for the big GMT meeting this week. It went very well and was a safe space for the GMT members to discuss difficult topics.  I am feeling much better and we are walking away with much more clarity. Thank you Sheryl!"

Dr. Kellie McElhaney

Adjunct Professor, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business

"Sheryl's Fearless Female Leadership Journey resonates with me. It will revolutionize and unleash our ability to have an impact when we've never needed it more!"

Naomi Mercer

Senior Vice President, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, ABA

"There are two key advantages that I got from the Fearless Female Leadership Journey. The primary advantage has been confidence that I am a high performer. That’s something that I don’t think I knew terribly much about myself. The second thing is just upping my own self-awareness of the skills I already have, and the skills that I need to work on."


Hi, I'm Sheryl Kline, CEO and founder of The Zone Lab, speaker, best-selling author and certified high performance coach. For the last 25 years, I've been working with female business professionals and world-class athletes to help them master their mindset and influence, so they can speak up, be heard and unlock their next level of impact, consistently and sustainably. I've also sat on and moderated panels, and conducted local and global workshops at some of the world's most trusted companies and female business organizations.

The Fearless Female Leadership Journey, in partnership with Rali, promises to create a vibrant community of empowered female leaders and male allies who will redefine the future of organizations.

Join us on this transformational journey, so we can drive real change together.

A Feminine Approach to Courageous Leadership

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