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Podcast Episode #106: "Helping Others Who Have Potential" - an Interview with Zarina Stanford

potential May 15, 2022

Helping Others Who Have Potential

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the phenomenal Zarina Stanford (Chief Marketing Officer at BazaarVoice), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:  

  • Having diversity, difference of thinking, and opinions brings the best out of us
  • Bring your best self and your whole self to work
  • Be open to opportunities and do not self-prescribe too quickly
  • Be empathetic and understanding of what other's needs are and how others think
  • Continue to be curious, always
  • Your instinct is closest to your own soul, and who you are. Listen to it
  • Find someone whom you respect, and listen to him/her. In my case, it was my mother, and I wish I would have listened to her even more

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Podcast Episode #80: "Unlocking the Potential of Your People" - an Interview with Cindy Healy

Unlocking the Potential of Your People

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the remarkable Cindy Healy (Director Employee Onboarding - World Wide Learning, Microsoft), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:

  • Raise your level of awareness and seek out people that have talent or that have passion for things that they might not even recognize in themselves.
  • Lead by bringing out the authenticity in people. Talk about what is best for them as a person as an individual. And what is their vision for their careers? And then how do you map opportunities to that?
  • As a leader connect your team with the right people that can help them further in their journey.
  • Help people navigate from “what if” to “imagine if”, sends them in a more positive trajectory. Where you can plant seeds of ideas.
  • Powerful mindset tool of envisioning success. Whatever that be you want, setting your mind up to the positive mindset of achieving success.

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