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Mastering Cybersecurity and Leadership: Insights from Christine Bartlett, CMO of SonicWall


In this fascinating Fearless Female Leader Interview, I had the honor of sitting down with Christine Bartlett, CMO of SonicWall, in an important discussion on the intersection of personal online protection and cybersecurity. 

Christine shares her formative experiences, from altruistic childhood acts to valuable lessons in Americorps, shaping her leadership in the tech industry. 

She speaks of the nuances of being a female executive, the significance of male allies, and the competitive dynamics among women leaders. Christine shares her personal anecdotes on job interview setbacks and then emerging to be an even more successful resilient leader.

Our conversation transitions to simple and actionable cybersecurity advice (a must-listen!), emphasizing multi-factor authentication, device connectivity limitations, and data backup. 

This interview really highlights the importance of device inventory management and advocating for women's mentorship in cybersecurity,...

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