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Feeling Firehosed?

Feeling Firehosed?

Feeling like you’re drinking from a firehose? You’re not alone!

If you’d like me to talk you off the ledge:), let's chat privately ASAP.

Keep in mind...

Now that we are deep into Q4, what I’m hearing (now more than ever) is that individuals and teams are feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and losing motivation.

Your or your team’s highest sense of impact and contribution DO NOT live here, and it’s virtually an impossible pace to sustain.

This, of course, has a huge ripple down effect on productivity, profitability as well as talent retention... not to mention on the overall sense of well-being and impact on the family. As you can imagine, this is costly. Upwards of $500 billion dollars of lost revenue a year according to a recent Gallup study.

If you are an ambitious heart-centered leader, we lose even more. We lose your ability to access your highest sense of contribution, your ability to influence up and have the biggest voice...

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Is It Your Time?

overwhelm Mar 19, 2021

Is It Your Time?

I have no doubt you are an amazing heart-centered leader who has already had an impact.

But maybe right now when you’re trying to access that next level of impact... you’re not feeling heard, or recognized or valued as much as you’d like.

And maybe you feel like you’re burning out a little bit in the process.

You are needed now more than ever, so we don’t want that!

That’s why I’ve created a (FREE) 30-minute video for you (or your team) on “How to Manage Overwhelm.”

(Just scroll below to start viewing some of my best training.)

It is very condensed and packed with tools to understand causes, consequences and cures to manage this very real problem that many are experiencing on the heals of a remarkably challenging year. As Q1-’21 comes to an end, I wanted to make sure you and/or your teams can have this resource, so you can accelerate into the remainder of the year rather than be in constant react mode mid-year.


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Podcast Episode #77: "Breath Work for Overwhelm and Productivity" - an Interview with Bianca Rathgeb

Breath Work for Overwhelm and Productivity

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the remarkable Bianca Rathgeb (Founder, Goldene Mitte), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:

  • Grounding breathing helps if you're getting stressed and overwhelmed. - It really calms you down and helps you to be able to think again.
  • When stressed out at a home office situation or an important meeting is coming up. You do ground breathing.
  • You do a few rounds, like two minutes or so breathing and get centered again.
  • Fountain breathing has a releasing function like releasing the old and getting new energy in it.
  • You add an intention. The first few rounds, releasing pain, anger, anxiety. And then we breathe in new, could be more joy, or more fun or more inspiration, whatever you need.
  • Breath work helps you to become more grounded, which in turn helps increase productivity.

To be notified for future interviews be sure to connect with me here on LinkedIn AND to learn more about how to build...

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Want to Put Groundhog Day to Rest?

Want to Put Groundhog Day to Rest?

If days, weeks and even months feel blurred, and overwhelm is a constant companion, you are most certainly not alone. Groundhog Day is an uncomfortable and unsustainable (yet common!) place to be, and it’s not where creativity, productivity, innovative ability or joy live. 

Here are a couple things you can do RIGHT NOW to help go from feeling like you're "spinning", depleted and not in control... to feeling grounded, calm, and on purpose. 

Watch My Video with the Tools to Put Groundhog Day to Rest.

It’s the perfect time to take a little control back. With all that has transpired over the past few months, including the loss of one of the most courageous female leaders and champions of equality, it’s never been a better time to make a 1-degree shift that could create big change for ourselves and for others. 

You see, most of those who have accomplished great feats in history have done so in...

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