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I help purpose-driven individuals and teams
gain the mindset required to dream, plan
and achieve their best, consistently
and sustainably.

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Reach heightened and sustained performance and potential in your career, personal wellness, relationships and more! I'll coach you using the world's most scientific and proven process for achieving transformation and joy. You develop self-mastery in this process and discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you join the world’s most successful people.

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Sheryl works with businesses and organizations that want to drive High Performance. Her presentations, workshops and small group talks on Mental Toughness have inspired and enlightened audiences at Google Ventures, Bank of America, Microsoft, Watermark, Autodesk, CapitalOne, VMware, Pixar, and Black Girls Code to name a few.

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What is "Mental Toughness?"

Mental Toughness is a tool to assist purpose-driven individuals and teams to gain the mindset required to be world-class, consistently. If you or your team are underperforming due to fear, doubt or lack of clarity or confidence, especially in high-pressure or high stakes situations, I can help. Guaranteed!

My area of expertise is Mental Toughness and High Performance for women in the workplace.

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I've been asked for YEARS to form an online community where like-minded people can focus on gaining the Mental Toughness skills to reach heightened and sustained performance and potential in their career, personal wellness, relationships and more! You can’t imagine the great ideas that come out of these group roundtable sessions and you get to hear first hand what I and other "students" are doing!

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"I was struggling with prioritization and organization, balancing the many demands of life and maintaining a focus that isn’t overcome with the many distractions I face on a daily basis. These have been three areas that have challenged me for a long time and I have spent time working to improve in these areas in the past with other coaches and through other programs. In working with Sheryl over the last three months, I can honestly say that I have felt dramatic improvement in each area and I am very grateful to her for her excellent coaching that has helped me become the best version of me!"

Michael Sollazo
Partner and Wealth Management Counsel, Capital Planning Advisors

"I contacted Sheryl Kline when I was feeling lack of focus and sense of achievement with my day to day life. Coincidentally, my daughter was taking her Mental Toughness online course as part of participating in the club volleyball team. While listening to some of the video lectures, it dawned on me that adults could use the skills she was teaching teens. Sheryl has helped me clarify priority for my life, and not just what is important to me, but WHY it is important to me. This has helped focus my energy to what matters most to me, and as a result I feel more in control. I have also regained the sense of calm even when I am overwhelmed with the amount of juggling I deal with personally and professionally. I highly recommend Sheryl and her Mental Toughness program – if you are looking to improve the outlook for your life by feeling productive and purposeful, this program will help you get there."

Sr.-Level Project Manager
Data Security Company, Mountain View, CA

"I invited Sheryl to be a guest panelist for our Female Start-Up Founder Speaker Series. Our topic was 'Mental Toughness for Women in High-Tech Start-Ups'. Sheryl's content was well-thought out, innovative and impactful. Sheryl connected easily with our audience and provided clear actionable take-aways on how to be more Mentally Tough, especially in high pressure situations and also strategies to recover when setbacks occur. Sheryl delivered, and we'll definitely have her back."

Amy Bunszel
Sr. Vice President, Design and Creation Products at Autodesk

"If you're like me ... the kind of person that wants to be the best they can be, and wants to show up with confidence that you can excel at whatever it is that you're trying to do ... then I think this [Mental Toughness Academy] program is a worthwhile investment in your future."

Ken Steven
President, Growth-Trend Marketing Consultants

"Mental Toughness would have helped me get out of survival mode and have the confidence to make better key decisions in my career."

Amanda Kaufman
Former Senior Consultant, Accenture

"I was just at a place where I was doing well, but I knew I was limiting myself. I couldn't quite get over what it was exactly that was holding me back. So, I had Sheryl really help me to get some huge breakthroughs … not just in my business, but in my life, and really understand those things, those little tiny habits and thoughts that we're consuming me, so I could get over that hump and get to that next level. I cannot recommend her enough for High Performance coaching. She was so helpful. Really opened my eyes to so many things… so many stories I've been telling myself that just simply weren't true. It was a really great experience to help me get those breakthroughs… not just in my business, but in my life and help me get to that next level."

Erin Smith
CEO, The Starter’s Club & The Entrepreneur Summit

"Mental Toughness and High Performance Coaching with Sheryl has helped me personally and professionally. I now have greater clarity on what's important to me as well as the tools to plan and achieve my best. I did not realize what I was missing out on all these years to help me reach my full potential. High Performance Coaching is a vital piece to my success at work and at home. I highly recommend Sheryl and this program to help you be your best, and most importantly, to find your joy and balance."

COO and Managing Principal
San Francisco Bay Area Insurance Agency

"Sheryl was a panelist for a recent event in our Female Founder Happy Hour Series that we hosted with Autodesk. The topic was ‘Building Mental Toughness’ and Sheryl's content was practical and engaging. Attendees were engaged and left with clear takeaways on how to be more mentally tough, especially in high pressure situations. Sheryl was inspiring and effective, and we can't wait to work with her again!"

Kristen Brillantes
Design Producer, Google Ventures

"I found this ['Mental Toughness in the Workplace: How to Build an Influential Mindset'] session so personally helpful and especially your presence. You did a great job connecting with the audience and the specific challenges."

Aida Rivas
Senior Program Manager, VMware

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It's going to be 7 days of simple Mental Toughness challenges you can do to make progress. Believe me ... it's going to move the needle for you!

My Story

I'm a Mental Toughness and Certified High Performance Coach™, published author, speaker and mother of three great kids who are high school and now college Division 1 student-athletes. I'm also the CEO and Founder of The Zone Lab LLC, and my area of expertise is Mental Toughness and High Performance for women in the workplace. I have worked with business people, world-class athletes, and students. I've also sat on panels and conducted local and global workshops at Google Ventures, Autodesk, Microsoft, CapitalOne, Pixar, VMware and Bank of America's SF Women in Leadership Group to name a few. In addition, I have been a featured host for Watermark's Women in Leadership webinar series, and I'm a regular contributor to Thrive Global. My book, ZONED IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World-Class YOU, is due out later this year. When not sitting on panels, speaking, or coaching, I enjoy watching my kids compete, running with my black lab and just about anything outdoors.


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