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Why Everyone Should Care About Equality, and What We Can Do NOW


In this insightful episode, I welcome Kristen Anderson, CEO of European Women on Boards, to discuss the critical importance of gender equality and inclusion in leadership roles. 

Kristen, an American living in Italy with a global career spanning multiple countries, shares her journey from a math and chemistry enthusiast to a champion for diversity and inclusion. 

She recounts her transformative experience at Barilla, where she shifted from R&D to become the Chief Diversity Officer, applying her engineering mindset to cultural change. 

Kristen emphasizes the need for women to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, encouraging them to seize opportunities even when they feel unprepared. We then explore the power of active listening, cultural awareness, and the significance of allies in fostering inclusive environments. 

Key Takeaways

Inspiration and Global Journey (00:00:30)
Kristen's upbringing, love for travel, and career choices influenced by her parents...

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Retaining and Motivating Your Top Female Leaders!


I hope this message finds you excited to join me at this Thursday's webinar!

I wanted to share a quick but impactful video with you. It’s all about how female leaders can thrive during disruptive times, and it offers some practical tips you can start using today.

In the video (above), I cover:

  • Managing Fear: Turning fear into a motivational tool.
  • Goal Setting: The importance of setting short, intermediate, and long-term goals.
  • Mindset Shifts: Moving from "what if" to "imagine if."

Why is this important?

Research from the American Psychological Association and the Peterson Institute for International Economics highlights that female leaders enhance productivity, collaboration, and profitability. However, many organizations struggle to retain this invaluable talent, but I have a proven framework to help female leaders stay motivated and feel in control, even in chaotic times.

Join my webinar: "Retaining and Motivating Your Top Female Leaders During Disruptive Times"

Date: June 20,...

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Go from "What if" … to "Imagine if" (Transforming Your Fear with the Power of Goal Setting)

Some teams can face change head on and rarely miss a step. For many though, change spurs uncertainty, fear, and distraction.

Most of us simply don’t naturally embrace change.

Change can often feel like a storm at sea, at any moment there is a possibility of being flung overboard, the ship may capsize or when the sea returns to calm, you realize you are not on board.

Staying motivated through change is hard and costly.

It affects productivity, and ultimately, profitability.

Through all my years coaching Olympic athletes, female executives and their teams, time and time again I have seen how my clients have flipped fear on its head and turned it into something they can use to keep on track and stay motivated and highly productive.

Fear and insecurity often hold teams back during times of disruption... but it doesn’t have to.

What Creates Calm and Feeling in Control

When it comes to mastering change, it’s important to feel a sense of agency, and a specific way of world-class...

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Mastering Cybersecurity and Leadership: Insights from Christine Bartlett, CMO of SonicWall


In this fascinating Fearless Female Leader Interview, I had the honor of sitting down with Christine Bartlett, CMO of SonicWall, in an important discussion on the intersection of personal online protection and cybersecurity. 

Christine shares her formative experiences, from altruistic childhood acts to valuable lessons in Americorps, shaping her leadership in the tech industry. 

She speaks of the nuances of being a female executive, the significance of male allies, and the competitive dynamics among women leaders. Christine shares her personal anecdotes on job interview setbacks and then emerging to be an even more successful resilient leader.

Our conversation transitions to simple and actionable cybersecurity advice (a must-listen!), emphasizing multi-factor authentication, device connectivity limitations, and data backup. 

This interview really highlights the importance of device inventory management and advocating for women's mentorship in cybersecurity,...

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Unlock Your Team’s Leadership Potential During Times of Change


Change can be daunting, but it also offers tremendous opportunities for leaders and emerging leaders to rise, grow, and to become more visible.

Above is a brief video (04:58) where I share strategies to help female leaders transform fear into a powerful ally and navigate times of change with confidence and optimism.

In the video I address:

  • Fear and Insecurity:
    Understand how to manage and leverage fear to boost team performance.
  • Olympic Level Goal Setting:
    Learn the importance of setting short, intermediate, and long-term goals to maintain motivation and productivity.
  • FBI-like Mindset Shift:
    Move from fear-based thinking to opportunity-focused strategies

If you want to continue the conversation and get ahead for the next 90 days, set aside 60 minutes on June 20, 2024 for my FREE webinar and I will work on your 90-day plan WITH YOU.

  • Webinar: "Retaining and Motivating Your Top Female Leaders During Disruptive Times."
  • Date: June 20, 2024
  • Time: 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
  • ...
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What Disables Teams During Change and How to Fix It – Mastering Change in 90 Days! (Webinar)


If you or your team are experiencing change or disruption in your organization, here are a couple strategies to help with motivation, productivity, and sanity.

In this 3:00-minute video, I give you actionable steps you can take and start using right now to help you or your team in the ever-evolving landscape of organizational change.

What often disables us or our team's ability to do our best during times of disruption is fear. Fear of uncertainty. Fear that our basic needs may not be met (for example, If we lose our job, we will not have the money for our necessities). Without the proper tools, fear in the workplace is costly, upwards of 500 Billion for US companies according to a recent Gallup study.

But what if I told you that fear doesn't have to be a foe? It doesn’t need to slow you or your team down. That's right, we're talking about flipping the script and making fear your ally.

If you want to know more and are ready to develop a 90 Day Strategy, here's a sneak peek of what...

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How to Build Authentic Trust and Boost Your Bottom Line - an Interview with Lindsay Jensen


I had the great fortune of speaking with Lindsay Jensen, Senior Director of Strategy and Growth at Impartner, on How to Build Authentic Trust and Boost Your Bottom Line.

In this insightful conversation, Lindsay shares her personal journey and professional insights on building authentic relationships in the technology industry.

Overcoming early life challenges, Lindsay learned the value of authenticity from her mother's example. She discusses the delicate balance between motherhood and career, the long-term approach to sales through trust and empathy, and the power of mentoring in empowering women in the workplace.

Her emphasis on strategic empathy, understanding client needs, and championing their success underscores the importance of genuine connections for sustainable business growth.

Lindsay's experiences offer valuable lessons for executive and leadership development, particularly for female leaders striving to build that authentic trust.

Key Takeaways:

Inspiration from...

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How to Drive More Revenue and Impact with Your Partners - an Interview with Autum Grimm (PartnerTap)

impact revenues worth May 22, 2024

In this Fearless Female Leader interview, I dive into inspiration, influence and self-worth with Autum Grimm, Chief Revenue Officer at PartnerTap.

Autum shares her personal inspiration drawn from influential women in her life, emphasizing the power of representation and self-worth. She advocates for emotional intelligence and mental resilience through practices like meditation and journaling.

Autum was surrounded by females growing up who were entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and leaders in their community.

One of those leaders was her Aunt, Dr Minga Guerrero who was the first Latina female chiropractor on the West Coast.

Autum witnessed a strong powerhouse show up not only in family gatherings, but in any professional setting that she saw her in. And not just be a part of the room (which was predominantly male, and white) but command and lead the room. Representation matters and seeing her aunt in this way allowed Autumn to think about the possibilities for her own future. It allowed...

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Safety Measures for Bias and AI - an Interview with Dr. Emily Barnes


I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Emily Barnes, Chief Digital Learning Officer, Lindenwood University, who discussed the critical issue of bias in artificial intelligence, particularly in academia, research, and tech.

Dr. Barnes shared her motivation for specializing in this field and explains the significance of mitigating AI bias to prevent adverse effects now and on future generations.

Real-world examples illustrate how biases in algorithms can disadvantage certain groups in ways that we may not have thought about.

Dr. Barnes also suggests strategies for companies to combat AI bias, such as creating diverse teams and demanding data transparency.

Key Takeaways:

  • The safety measures for bias and AI (00:00:01)
    Dr. Barnes shares the importance of safety measures for bias in AI and its impact on society.
  • Real-life example of bias in AI (00:06:37)
    An example of Amazon's algorithm favoring male applicants due to biased historical data is discussed.
  • Actions for...
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The Importance of Leading with Humility - an Interview with Cathie Hall

humility May 08, 2024

During this eye opening conversation with Cathie Hall, Chief Customer Officer at IFS, Cathie shares her empowering journey, the pivotal role education played in overcoming her challenging childhood, and how she learned the power of leading with humility.

She emphasizes the significance of humility in leadership, advocating for an environment that fosters creativity and embraces both successes and failures.

Cathie addresses the unique obstacles faced by female executives and rising female leaders, emphasizing resilience and the importance of breaking down challenges, discussing the societal pressures on women and the value of prioritizing personal goals.

Cathie encourages you to lead with your strengths, actively listen, and make decisions aligned with your values, rather than conforming to societal conventions.

Cathie's experiences and advice offer valuable guidance for C-level executives and anyone seeking to achieve Olympic-level focus and success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leading with...
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