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Podcast Episode #104: "Building and Supporting an Equitable Talent Pipeline" - an Interview with Kimberly Bryant

equality talent Apr 22, 2022

Building and Supporting an Equitable Talent Pipeline

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the remarkable Kimberly Bryant (Founder and CEO of Black Girls Code), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:  

  • Understand what your core values are, and align yourself and all facets of life with folks that share those values.
  • Being a good student will allow you to be exposed to opportunities.
  • Women are valuable and worthy of exploring their pathways and dreams.
  • Continue on the pathway of growing internally.
  • Understand that the world is changing at a very rapid pace.
  • If we don’t evolve as leaders in a way to keep up with that rapid change of growth, we won’t be very effective.

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Podcast Episode #103: "Building Belonging in a Remote World" - an Interview with Rachel Hutchisson


Building Belonging in a Remote World

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the amazing Rachel Hutchisson (Vice President of Global Social Responsibility at Blackbaud), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:  

  • Realize where you are in your journey; today doesn't mean that it's the direct route (of your life).
  • In life, all that matters is the next step. Just take that next step and your journey will unfold.
  • Sometimes the worries you spend the energy worrying about are the things that maybe you shouldn't be. 
  • What makes the world so wonderful is that we're all different. We have different skills and different views. The lived experience is deeply important.
  • Worry less but also to take more risks.
  • Don't ever stop learning. Have confidence that you can figure something out. Go to the people around you to help figure something out if you don't have that specific knowledge. And those two things work together.
  • Relationships are really important. They are the...
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Podcast Episode #102: "The Importance of Pay Transparency" - an Interview with Gavriella Schuster


The Importance of Pay Transparency

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the remarkable Gavriella Schuster (DE&I Advocate, Global Business Executive, Board Director, Strategic Advisor, and Former Corporate Vice President at Microsoft), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:  

  • In your career growth, the first thing that you do doesn’t have to be the thing that defines you. You are going to change things up multiple times throughout your life. The important thing is that you’re learning and getting experience
  • Every decision in life doesn’t have to determine the pathway you take in your career or entire life. You will always have the opportunity to adjust and change as you learn more
  • Always learn new things and be a continuous learner
  • Always self-reflect. “If I don’t want to do what I’m doing. What is it ‘I do want to do?’ And how am I going to define my own success doing that?”
  • The importance of pay...
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4 Things to Avoid When Asking for What You're Worth


4 Things to Avoid When Asking for What You're Worth

Have you ever felt like (or had the facts) another colleague is being paid more for an equal or lesser role?

The good news is that you’re not alone. The bad news is that it can be very unfair, disrespectful, demotivating, and bad for business.

You may be thinking that this shouldn’t even be an issue, and that there should not be a discrepancy. Agreed 100%.

But, until pay transparency is more regulated and more systems are in place to manage this very real problem,  it may be time to speak up! If you already have, a few new tools could make all the difference for round 2.

Yes, it’s going to take time to get further down this road on pay equality, so it may be helpful to get comfortable (or I should say, confident and influential) about asking for what you are worth.

There is progress being made however for pay transparency and fairness, partially in thanks to pay transparency advocate and former Corporate VP,...

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Getting Overlooked for a New Title or Promotion?


Getting Overlooked for a New Title or Promotion?

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day today to honor women, their achievements, and their contributions, don’t you think that it’s time for swifter real change? While we’re up against hundreds of years of cultural indoctrinations, your voice matters now more than ever, and together we can shift cultures, companies, and course correct the world for the greater good. I’ve witnessed this transformation in individual female leaders, their teams, and in their entire companies... and it's powerful! 

As part of this Limitless Leader community, you and I are on target to empower 10,000 female leaders and emerging leaders to be heard, valued, and respected more... and to empower women to get the projects, promotions, titles, raises, and respect they want and deserve.

But, there is still much work to be done…

I’d like to dispel one myth that may resonate with you as it has with...

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Podcast Episode #101: "Strategies for Building Confidence in Your New Role" - an Interview with Dena Jones


Strategies for Building Confidence in Your New Role

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the phenomenal Dena Jones (Vice President, Office of the CIO at Fannie Mae), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:  

  • You don’t need to check all the boxes, a couple of the boxes are fine... and you need to go for it
  • Take more risks
  • Realize you don't have to do it on your own
  • Build a network of people around you that can support you and guide you. Have mentors and sponsors
  • Always seek to learn more and grow. That never stops. It’s not like you get to a place and say "okay, I’m here and I don’t need to learn anymore"
  • Listen to each other. Listen to different perspectives
  • Do something transformational
  • Verbalize what you’re good at
  • If you feel too comfortable, it’s time to reassess what you're doing
  • Always articulate what you want

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Podcast Episode #100: "How to Reduce Internal Churn, and Why It’s Different for Women" - an Interview with Lauren Larson Diehl


How to Reduce Internal Churn, and Why It’s Different for Women

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the amazing Lauren Larson Diehl (Vice President, Global Customer Success at Reputation), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:  

  • You can have passion and purpose… or passion and persistence, but you really need all three, to build that solid foundation
  • Be passionate about your customer’s success. Being good at that, and empowering teams to be good at that is the direct correlation to internal churn
  • The fundamentals around having empathy, and how we refocus and harness that, and how do we operate more strategically… it's really never been more important
  • Customer first? I believe it's people first. You need to invest in your people, in enabling and empowering them, and helping them to harness their capabilities. You invest in people, and then they will take care of your customers. And that's a direct and simple formula for navigating through...
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Podcast Episode #99: "Part 2: Strategies to Lead in the New Normal" - an Interview with Amy Protexter

new normal Feb 17, 2022

Part 2: Strategies to Lead in the New Normal

In case you missed my LIVE interview with the remarkable Amy Protexter (Senior Vice President, Marketing at Insight), here are a few of the wisdom gems she shared:  

  • Be willing to roll up your sleeves, learn about a different vertical that you might want to get into
  • Be an avid learner, avid reader, figure things out, and then if you’re jumping into a new role with a different vertical, see how you’re able to translate your skills into how you can help that company
  • One of the most necessary leadership skill sets going forward coming out of the last couple of years is empathy
  • It’s really about that deep listening, that empathetic approach, as a leader, I definitely think those are going to be skills that will be super important... they’re things you sort of have to nurture in yourself
  • You are the CEO of your own life. And if you think about your decisions (your why, where you want to be, and what you want to...
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She Got the Raise, the Title, and the Respect…


"She Got the Raise, the Title, and the Respect…"

Are you owning your value enough?

If that question made you take a pause, it’s ok. Not voicing our value or owning our worth has happened to most of us at one time or another.

But, it doesn’t have to. 

According to DiversityWomen Media, ‘Women are often less assertive than men in the workplace and tend to apologize or minimize the importance of what they say when they do speak up-even female executives in meetings with their peers.’

Part of the challenge is that owning our value is a counterculture for many of us.

That was the case for Sue (not her real name:), a 1:1 Limitless Leader client of mine who is a female senior executive in finance. She had a 30-minute call scheduled for her annual review. The call was actually 10 minutes (...her boss was 10 minutes late and left 10 minutes early.) 

She was rated as ‘far exceeds’ due to the growth of her line of business and progress on major...

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Spoken Over by Peers or Leadership?


Spoken Over by Peers or Leadership?

Have you ever found yourself as the ‘only’ in the room (or in the Zoom room)? According to the 2021 McKinsey Women in the Workplace Report, the pipeline for women in leadership is losing ground, and the frustration and emotional tax that goes along with feeling like you’re the ‘only’ adds to burn out and the resignation of our future female leaders.

Imagine if you’re a ‘double only’. The only woman AND part of a group that is further marginalized within our gender. The flame of contribution, conscious capitalism, compassion, and invaluable perspective and knowledge is likely extinguished or dimmed even more rapidly. 

Whether you’re an ‘only’ or a ‘double only’, how can your voice be amplified even more for the greater good of our cultures, companies, and the women coming after us?

Let’s start with having a bigger voice at your next meeting or presentation and...

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