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Motivating Teams During Uncertain Times


If you find yourself worried about how to motivate your team you're in good company. This challenge has been on the minds of many lately, and it's a topic I've repeatedly addressed with my clients. In fact, I recently sent out a message sharing strategies to take on these very concerns.

Since this subject is so vital, I wanted to share these transformative tips that have made a real difference for the teams I've been working with.

Based on the last 30 years of high performance research, here are a few strategies to help teams navigate through these uncertain times.

1. Acknowledge and Validate the Struggle (Maybe with Humor!)

Acknowledge and validate your team’s challenges. Having a little well placed humor can help as well. If a target looks crazy, say it! Lean into the discomfort. Embracing the struggle together creates an environment where it's okay to acknowledge that things are tough. It humanizes the experience and sets a positive tone for what lies ahead.

2. Focus on Process Goals

When the overall goals seem unreachable, it's easy for despair to set in. Shift the focus from unreachable revenue targets to process goals, those everyday tasks that are within your team's control. Concentrate on actions such as the number of calls made, the initiatives pushed forward, or the strategies devised. By focusing on achievable and measurable process goals, you inject a sense of control and empowerment back into your team's mindset, enabling them to engage and move forward with confidence.

3. Celebrate Process Goals and Encourage Accountability

Celebrating big wins is a given, but what about the small steps that lead to those wins? Emphasize the importance of process goals and the celebration of these achievements. Create an environment where team members can openly share their commitments, accomplishments, and even failures. Encourage accountability partnerships and foster a space where honest conversations can lead to course corrections or accelerated successes. The celebration of these "small wins" instills a sense of progress and maintains momentum.

4. Make Teams Feel Cared For

People want to feel seen, heard, and cared for. During disruptive times, it becomes crucial. Asking questions that make your team feel cared for can help. Here are a few examples:

"What do you need from me?" or "How can the company support you better?"

Validate their feelings, acknowledge their efforts, and offer tangible support. Communicate your belief in them and their abilities.

If you have any questions or if I can help you or your team in any way, please reach out directly to [email protected].

Cheering you on always!



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