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Mental Preparation Prior to Influencing Under Pressure

curiosity empathy optimism Jan 17, 2024

Navigating high-pressure situations in the corporate world demands more than just skill - it requires mastery in the art of influence. As leaders, especially women leaders, it’s essential to communicate with clarity and impact.

Introducing the "ECO" Mindset Model – a transformative approach to influencing under pressure:

"E"mpathy: Step into their shoes. Understand their pressures and motivations.
"C"uriosity: Cultivate genuine interest in their perspective, wrapped in compassion.
"O"ptimism: Envision the best outcome. Let positivity guide your decisions.

Interested in refining your influence skills or seeking guidance on your leadership journey? I’m here to support and guide you. Feel free to send me a message for insights on leadership and influence – let’s elevate your leadership together.

Enjoy the video, or you can listen in on my podcast here.


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