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Book Talk Interview with Former Microsoft Exec, Jane Boulware


Join us on an extraordinary journey with Jane Boulware, an accomplished executive who defied the odds to achieve remarkable success in her remarkable book, Worthy.

Born into poverty and facing imposter syndrome in a male-dominated industry, Jane overcame numerous challenges on her path to greatness. Her inspiring book, featuring 48 honest and vulnerable stories, provides readers with a real look at the ups and downs of her journey. Discover how Jane's experiences and unexpected allies shaped her resilience, and learn how, together, we can achieve what we could never do alone.


3:15 The importance of involving others in the process

4:05 Fear of failure or not trying new things can hinder progress

4:40 The importance of transparency and frankness

5:20 Mindful of the five people you spend the most time with

6:15 The speaker's career and courage

7:30 Growing up with humble beginnings

8:45 The pickle bucket

9:50 The importance of helping others realize their worth

10:30 Four key...

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