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Want to Put Groundhog Day to Rest?

Want to Put Groundhog Day to Rest?

If days, weeks and even months feel blurred, and overwhelm is a constant companion, you are most certainly not alone. Groundhog Day is an uncomfortable and unsustainable (yet common!) place to be, and it’s not where creativity, productivity, innovative ability or joy live. 

Here are a couple things you can do RIGHT NOW to help go from feeling like you're "spinning", depleted and not in control... to feeling grounded, calm, and on purpose. 

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It’s the perfect time to take a little control back. With all that has transpired over the past few months, including the loss of one of the most courageous female leaders and champions of equality, it’s never been a better time to make a 1-degree shift that could create big change for ourselves and for others. 

You see, most of those who have accomplished great feats in history have done so in the pursuit of the impossible. So, if something large or small is feeling unlikely or impossible, it isn’t. Maybe all you need is a few new tools, perspective and to just keep going. 

Let’s put Groundhog Day to rest and make that shift. 

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing why this is SO important for individuals and teams right now as well as simple tools to shift, pronto!

Here’s a great place to start…

Take Control of Your Morning 

Learning how to MISH (what??) your morning is a way to set the stage for a calm, productive and purposeful day. MISH is a simple acronym to optimize your morning, and rule your day. Please do modify as you see fit, and remember that in the beginning of forming new habits, small and consistent is always better than big and audacious.

This is not your workout, but simply a way to wake up your body and mind. A couple stretches, arm circles or yoga postures is great (please clear by your doctor of course!). I have one client who wakes up and dances for a couple minutes. You do you!

Ask yourself: 1.How do I commit to showing up today? Focus on one or two words, for example ‘calm’ and ‘present’. For extra credit, write it on a Post It note, and put it somewhere where you will see it often throughout the day. 

Let’s slow down before we speed up. If you have a mediation or breathing practice, great! If meditating is not your thing, totally fine. Just sit upright, take 10 deep belly breaths and listen as the air goes in and out. A modification is to go for a walking meditation outside for a few minutes where you simply focus on the nature around you. As a thought enters your mind, observe it and let it pass by when you exhale. 

Drinking 16 ounces of water with lemon is a great place to start. Too much? No problem. Establish the habit with 4 or 6 ounces. Pro tip: Getting the water ready the night before and placing it in your bathroom or near your bed helps.

Please do share your morning routines and how you MISH your morning in my Fearless Female Leader LinkedIn group. Once you apply to join, we’ll be sure to unlock a small yet mighty welcome gift that will help you with MISHing (and keeping the groundhog at bay:). 

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We are building a movement! Are you in?

Cheering you on always!


P.s. Know three like-minded female leaders or male allies this will serve? Please do share!

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