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NO Person Has the Right to Rain on Your Dreams β€οΈπŸ…

clarity dreams new year Jan 14, 2021

NO Person Has the Right to Rain on Your Dreams

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, not sleeping well, dropping off your routine or your productivity is tanking... the good news is that you’re normal.

The not so good news is that you’re allowing your light to be dimmed. (Woo woo translation: your purpose-driven goodness that you are able to put into our family, your company and into the world is slowing down, and in some cases stopping all together.)

No bueno for you, your job security or those whom you influence.

You matter. A lot. Let’s make sure you understand how to manage your internal world, so you can keep contributing purposefully towards your dreams and feel joy along the way.

Whether it’s a person, pandemic, political climate/unrest/circus, intense period of social injustice, YOUR light must continue to shine. YOU must continue to make progress. YOU must influence and lead others to contribute at their highest level, so we can learn and course correct swiftly.

Let’s get clear on where your stars are and move unapologetically towards them. Despite the challenges we and our country continue to face, let’s honor what we’ve accomplished in 2020 and commit to progress in 2021.

Stay tuned for the next LIVE (free, yay!) Virtual MasterClass where I’ll be sharing how to build your 2021 plan and the resilience and confidence to pull it off. It’s going to be on January 28, 2021 @ 11:00am PST. 

As for progress, we are doing our best to do that too!

Here is a little of what my team (my husband and new amazing assistant Mona) and I have been up to up to here at The Zone Lab…

January 2020:

Speaking and moderating a panel on the main stage at Microsoft’s Women in Cloud Summit. Here’s the backstory: I applied to speak at this conference in 2019. The answer was no. I asked if they needed a volunteer. They said yes. I also asked if I could have a small table to sell my book that I just completed, they said yes). This was my big book launch (by the doors to the catering kitchen, lol). I met everyone I could, including the program director. Btw, for Women in Cloud 2021, I was just asked to speak and lead a mentorship panel. Boom! If you do not succeed, try, try again!

Hosted a Documentary on Resilience.
This was a first.

February 2020:

Influencers Summit San Diego: Decided to throw my daughter Megan (now 21) into my personal development world with some of the top thought leaders in the world and attendees from 40 countries. She did amazing! Little did we know what was coming the next month.

March 2020:

All speaking engagements and travel plans come to a halt.

April 2020:

National Association of Women Business Owners Executive Roundtable: Facilitated a virtual event for their $1MM Club of amazing change agents. What an honor that was!

May 2020:

International Association of Women virtual MasterClass. What can I say? This organization is changing how women do business. Love it!

June and July 2020:

Filmed the Limitless Leader digital curriculum. I'm so honored to share the Limitless Leader Launchpad program with our community! It's a combination of a digital course and live interactive coaching calls along with community hot seats. The format is easy to understand videos, worksheets and other tools to help you master and apply concepts to create a roadmap, build confidence to speak up, be heard and unlock your ability to become a Limitless Leader.

August 2020:

Kicked off the 4-part MasterClass series for State Street Global Advisors. This was a business development tool as well as a way that State Street could serve its existing clients and prospects. The engagement and outcome was overwhelmingly positive, and it continues since the series is still hosted on their website through the end of Q1! 

September 2020:

Took three days to plan the next three years of my business with my amazing husband and with the help of Vito and Anna La Fata! Yes, us coaches need coaches! We were also tested and COVID safe! The Limitless Leader Roadmap is born! More on that to come!

November 2020:

Live MasterClass for Girl Up Initiative Uganda! That’s 6:00 a.m. PST/5:00 p.m. EAT! I think I was more inspired by their work than they were by my Limitless Leader curriculum:). Here’s a photo from October 2019 when my amazing cousin and co-founder Kim Wolff and co-founder/executive director, Monica Nyiraguhabwa. Check them out here!

December 2020:

Women in Healthcare live virtual MasterClass. This was an amazing opportunity to speak with a group of true heroes.

Notable Facts About Those We've Served this Year in Our Limitless Leader Community:

  • Ten (10) private 1:1 clients who are female senior leaders who are leading national teams. Here’s what Kelly Nagel, President & GM of Jabra N.A. had to say about what she was able to accomplish during our time together. SO blessed to work with leaders like this.
  • 50 direct reports coached through the Limitless Leader curriculum in various cohorts.
  • 10,000 individuals impacted by the Limitless Leader digital content.
  • 640 members join my Fearless Female Leader group on LinkedIn. Not a member? Join the movement here!

I am SO grateful to have you as part of our Limitless Leader family and looking forward to an impactful year. #strongertogether


Let’s do this 2021, together! I’m here to help,



P.s. Know three like-minded female leaders or male allies this will serve? Please do share!

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