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Time to DE-CIDE on Your Next Best Move?

Time to DE-CIDE on Your Next Best Move?

It’s Spring (finally!), and it’s possible that it’s time for a new beginning, a shift. Maybe it’s a shift in your morning routine, how much you commit to speaking up, the intent that you go after a raise, promotion or the recognition that you’re yearning for. Maybe it’s a big shift in terms of how you lead, where you lead or in what capacity. 

Is it time to DE-CIDE?

Phonetically speaking, "de" means "of" and "cide" means, well "death." When you DE-CIDE, it’s the death of any other option. 

Oftentimes gaining pure clarity is the hardest part. 


Simply put, we have a lot of baggage, past experiences, past influences and stories we tell ourselves which gets in the way of our next best move. 

The good news is that there is a process to get clear, so we can shift, take action and get back on track to the best version of us as well as feel the joy that comes along with it. 

I didn’t say it was easy:), but it is possible. Keep your eyes open for a FREE MasterClass I’ll be doing on this very topic towards the end of April. In the meantime, answer these three questions to get started:

1.) What are the three words that define the best version of you?

2.) What’s one small step you can take to be more congruent with your words?

3.) If the best version of yourself was coaching you right now, what would he/she advise you to do?

YOU have something very special placed within you, and it’s fluid. It changes. Maybe you’re being called for more or different. 

If so, the best thing you could do is to create some "white space" for yourself. Yep, no phone, no dog, partner, kids etc. Even 10 minutes a day, to just be, ideally out in nature. 

Clarity requires time and space, so let’s gift that to ourselves starting this week. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing the process that helps the forest become clear through the trees, so you can decide on the next best move for you.

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Cheering you on always.

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