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Each month, join Sheryl as she hosts a LIVE group Zoom session where she'll guide you through the Limitless Leader Roadmap program. Sheryl will share tips, tools and habits about Mental Toughness, High Performance and getting the Clarity, Confidence, and Influence to get the impact you want and deserve. The Q&A will be towards the end of each call. Also, every participant is invited into a closed LinkedIn Group setup to handle ongoing questions as well as a place to support each other.


Limitless Leader Monthly Mastery Community


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Unlock the Limitless Leader Within You!

I want to make sure that this content is real for you. I want to make sure that you not only master it, but you're able to apply it in. Sometimes it just really takes time. And the Limitless Leader Launchpad digital curriculum is a good introduction. Hopefully you have started to understand the concepts that I've talked about and also started to apply them to your life.

But if you're wondering what's next, I wanted to extend a personal invitation to my LIVE Limitless Leader Monthly MasteryThis is an online community created for you. It makes this content real, and it helps you make sure that you can implement what you've learned into your life.

Because a mentor of mine always says that “common knowledge, isn't always common practice”, and we all know how difficult it is to go at it on our own. So I want to make sure that I am there for you shoulder to shoulder.

This is going to be one hour of coaching per month, where we're going to have hot seats. We're going to have community. We're going to have accountability, and I'm going to be there right with you LIVE to help make sure that you keep making the progress. And so you keep seeing the results that you want and deserve.

Would this be just what you needed?

Spaced it out over a month so you'll have time to have information sink in. I'm going to go deeper again. I've introduced the concepts in this digital course, but keep in mind, there is more, and I'm excited to introduce bite sized pieces every month that you can really sink your teeth into and go implement.

So you can gain the projects...

So you can get the promotions...

So you can be an agent of change...

… and really connect with the people that can help you – those courageous allies that are going to make a huge difference.

If you're thinking that you are incredibly busy or maybe your Zoom’d out, I get that 100%... believe me.

But here's the thing. There are some consequences for not taking action on this because it will get shut down. And what's more important than that is what happens if you don't have the accountability, what happens if you don't have community?

And also what happens if you don't have a coach pushing you?

I would not be doing my job. If I did not show up for you and push you a little bit beyond your comfort. And the research proves that we just don't do that alone.

Now I have seen it over and over and also for myself because I have an entire group of coaches myself. I know what works and that's why I created it.

This for YOU.

So let's make sure you get the progress that consistent progress towards either the projects, the promotions, and the courageous allies that you're going to need to see the impact you want and deserve.

What’s included:

  • One hour live Zoom session every month
  • Recording of all sessions in your member’s area
  • Access to the Limitless Leader Launchpad (Digital Course)
  • Special guests
  • Optional but (highly:) recommended worksheets and homework
  • Full Limitless Leader mental toughness and high performance coaching curriculum

Mark your calendar: Our first session begins on November 3, 2020 @ 4:45-6:00pm PST (details to follow.)

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.



Sheryl Kline, M.A. CHPC is a Mental Toughness and Certified High Performance Coach™, published author, moderator, speaker and mother of three great adult kids. She is the CEO and Founder of The Zone Lab LLC, and her area of Mental Toughness for Women in the Workplace.

For the last 25 years, Sheryl has been working with world-class athletes, and business professionals to help them master their mindset, so they can dream, plan and achieve their best, consistently. When not sitting on panels, speaking, or coaching, Sheryl enjoys watching her kids and clients compete, running with her black lab Kona, and just about anything outdoors.


Feel clear, purpose-driven and on path to your next level of leadership.

Feel the pride of knowing your contributions are acknowledged and valued.

Feel confident and authentic in high pressure or highly important interactions. 

Feel happy and optimistic about your workday and proud of your progress.

You'll Love It...Guaranteed!

You'll love the LIVE Limitless Leader Monthly Mastery Community experience of being supported by Sheryl and like-minded female leaders and emerging leaders.

Try it out for 7 days risk-free.  If within that time it's not quite right for you, just email me [email protected] personally to ask for a full and prompt return of your investment. No questions asked!

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