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Owning Your Worth - an Interview with Jane Boulware

worth Feb 15, 2024

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jane Boulware, the Chief Marketing Officer and acting Chief Strategy Officer at The Gottman Institute, Chairman of the Board (or I should say Chairwoman) for the Boys and Girls Club, former top 150 Microsoft executive, and now author!. Jane recently shared her journey and valuable lessons from her life and from her book, ‘Worthy: From Cornfields to Corner Office of Microsoft’.

Her experiences, from overcoming poverty and self-doubt to achieving executive roles at Microsoft, offer powerful insights for female leaders and emerging leaders. Jane’s book, "Worthy," is not just about her ascent; it's a testament to overcoming personal and external limitations and embracing one's true potential.

Key Takeaways:

Inspiration Behind "Worthy" [00:01:12]:
Jane discusses her motivation for writing her book, emphasizing overcoming external limitations and self-imposed barriers, and the importance of helping others ascend in their careers. Advocating for Change [
00:03:16]: She discusses the need for changing the representation in leadership roles and the responsibility of successful individuals to uplift others.

Overcoming Self-Doubt [00:04:19]:
Jane reflects on her struggles with imposter syndrome and her journey to embracing her strengths and authenticity, encouraging readers to overcome their own internal limitations.

Vulnerability as Strength [7:00]:
Jane shares the challenges she faced while writing the book, including questioning her own story's significance and deciding how openly to share her experiences.

Embracing Self-Worth [10:46]:
Jane stresses the importance of recognizing one's worthiness and encourages listeners to pursue their aspirations without seeking external validation or permission.

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To your next level of impact and joy,
- Sheryl.


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