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How to Get Clear on What Really Matters

How to Get Clear on What Really Matters

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Do you ever get distracted and veer from what’s most important?

Maybe you’re so busy that you don’t have time to focus on what really matters to have massive impact this year? 

We all do, but there are a couple things that sets the best apart from the rest.

It's time to "course correct"... so you can fully lean into this year.

World-class performers have laser-like focus when it comes to their long-term vision and their short-term progress. Thankfully, there are tools we can all learn, so we can have remarkable clarity and focus too and achieve what may have (at first) seemed not possible.

Here are two tips to get started:

  1. For Long-Term Focus: Create a Personal Manifesto.
    Olympians are remarkably clear about their future ambitions, and they visit them often. They visualize what they want in an extremely vivid and visceral way, and they are consistent about bringing their future self and their future experiences to life.

    Here’s a example from my book (ZONED-IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World-Class YOU) that explains this point:

    Months and even years before the Rio Games arrived, Kayla Harrison, a 26-year-old judoka (Judo athlete), practiced imagery training for 10 minutes before falling asleep each night... mentally going through entire days of Olympic competition. "Waking up, weighing in, packing my bag, getting on the bus, listening to certain music etc.” she said. “Every night I visualize myself winning the Olympics.” She then went on to defend her Olympic judo title in Rio!

    Not training for the Olympics?

    No problem.

    What you want to achieve is no less important to you. Start by writing your personal manifesto. Think about it this way If you had a magic wand, what would come to life for you in the next 6-12 months? Make it as vivid and visceral as possible. Mine starts like this, but yours can be simpler or more grand, whatever is appropriate for you right now:

    "My name is Sheryl, and this year I help 10,000 people to be mentally tough. The way I do this will be via my coaching my monthly Live Mental Toughness Mastery Roundtable with Q&A program, podcast appearances, corporate speaking and training. The stages I will be on are… The people attending are…. They look like… When my sessions/speeches etc are over, the look in their eyes is… The podcasts are… The response is …" . The presence I am committed to with my clients and with my family is....

    You get the idea. Be sure to read it every night before you go to bed.

  2. For Short-Term Focus: Get Intentional.
    As you get clear on your next level of ambition, what is in your control that is most important for you to do your best? If you have an important event coming up, what controllable is most important for you to level up and do your best? Then, take a moment to set an intention to do that. For example, let’s say you have a pitch, presentation, important meeting coming up and having high energy and focusing hard data is most important for you to do your best. Set the intention before the meeting: "energy level 8 (of 10), data."

    This is a way of directing your mind or focusing on what’s most important, so you can be world-class when it matters most. I even set intentions for my daily tasks, such as writing this article or when I make calls to prospective clients! Try this at home, so you can be even more world-class there too! For example, when you get home from work, take a moment to ask yourself : How do I want to show up to my family when  when I walk in the door? Maybe it’s present and energetic regardless of the day you’ve had. 

I honor you for all of the amazing work you have already done, and for the impact you’ve already had!

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