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Book Sheryl for your next event and treat your audience to a dynamic, fun, powerhouse program packed with practical information on Mental Toughness they can use immediately to drive high performance.


  • Defuse Emotionally Charged Conversations, and Remain Highly Influential Under Pressure:

    Have you ever let your emotions get the best of you, and then not had the impact you’d hoped for? Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again, especially when it matters most! In this live and interactive session, you’ll learn how to:

     - Prepare your mindset like an Olympian, so you can stay in your ‘zone’ for maximum impact
    Know your negotiation language and that of your counterpart
    - Prepare for all possible outcomes, so you can remain calm and focused
    - Know when and how to walk away, so conversations are not derailed

  • Navigating Pushback Using Influence and Persuasion Mastery:

    Assess the negotiation style of your counterpart, so you can craft your plan.
    Use strategic empathy to build trust and gain vital information
    Create leverage, so you’re in the driver’s seat

  • 3 Strategies to Take Charge of Your Visibility and Impact:
    Put Imposter Syndrome to Rest, Have a Bigger Voice at the Table

  • Your Next 90 Days:
    Tools to Build a Success Blueprint to Ensure Optimal Confidence, Productivity, and Focus 

  • How to Skill Up During Disruptive Times:
    Strategies to Up-level and Sustain Motivation, Productivity, and Impact


"Sheryl Kline did an amazing job training our team on having difficult conversations while remaining highly influential.  She effortlessly connected and engaged our group over a half-day virtual training session.  The content was poignantly relevant.  It hit several key areas of focus and provided clear-cut ways to be successful in any situation.  By the end of the training, we all had several tools that could implement immediately.  Within 24 hours I had attendees let me know they applied their new skills in delectate or emotionally charged interactions with resounding success.   We are looking forward to part II with her new book dropping soon.  We would love to work with Sheryl again in the future.  She is a delight and inspiration!”  

Monica Graham
VP, Operations Manager

"Sheryl recently lead a workshop for our corporate women’s leadership group on strategies for amplifying your visibility and impact. Sheryl was energetic, thoughtful, and inclusive, all qualities we look for in our speakers. She engaged our virtual audience and made them feel seen, which is not easy in our virtual world. Sheryl has a proven track record of working with high performers and our employees learned the importance of influencing up, expanding their network, and feeling confident and heard. We look forward to working with Sheryl in the future.”  

Staci Bender
Oracle Women’s Leadership Community Leader

"Sheryl was our International Women’s Day 2022 keynote speaker, and we could not have been happier! Sheryl was a very engaging speaker who provided the tools and mindset to create immediate and measurable change. This session provided our teammates with real and actionable solutions! I can’t wait to have Sheryl come back for more extensive training!

Sara Rodriguez

"Sheryl Kline was our International Women’s Day keynote speaker, and she exceeded our expectations! Sheryl was very engaging and provided tools and resources that our female leaders and emerging leaders can put into immediate action! We can’t wait to have her back for a longer and more in-depth training!

Anna Ganzman

"We recently had Sheryl speak at our CREW East Bay event. Sheryl's interactive event was extremely relevant and engaging. Her content was very informative, providing great content and tools for all our female leaders. She left us energized and eager to have her back!

Kelly Leanos
Chapter President

"We recently had Sheryl present a virtual global webinar on the topic of ‘How to Be Seen and Heard.’ The content, presentation, and engagement were top-notch. Sheryl’s high energy and expertise were very well received. We look forward to discussing the next steps with Sheryl!”  

Doreen Sebben
Executive Director

"We had Sheryl deliver a 1-hour workshop to our members to help them understand the influence they can have to be the leader at work and with their families that is so greatly needed during these uncertain times. Sheryl's content was engaging and immediately useful as she provided real-life examples of how to "own our morning" and develop a mindset to be mentally prepared to face anything.

I would highly recommend Sheryl to any group looking for inspiration and a framework designed to have impact.”  

Tina Schackman, CFA
Co-Chairperson (Southern California)

Sheryl opened both days of our Women of Silicon Valley event and led one of our workshops. Her energy and professionalism combined with timely content, messages and inspiration made her a perfect fit. We can't wait to have her back!”  

Emma Tommony
Portfolio Director, Women in Tech World Series

"Sheryl was a panelist for a recent event in our Female Founder Happy Hour Series that Google Ventures hosted. The topic was 'Building Mental Toughness' and Sheryl's content was practical and engaging. Attendees were engaged and left with clear take-aways on how to be more mentally tough, especially in high pressure situations. Sheryl was inspiring and effective, and we can't wait to work with her again!"

Kristen Brillantes
Design Producer, Coach, Facilitator

"I invited Sheryl to be a guest panelist for Autodesk's Female Start-Up Founder Speaker Series. Our topic was 'Mental Toughness for Women in High-Tech Start-Ups'. Sheryl's content was well-thought out, innovative and impactful. Sheryl connected easily with our audience and provided clear actionable take-aways on how to be more Mentally Tough, especially in high pressure situations and also strategies to recover when setbacks occur. Sheryl delivered, and we'll definitely have her back!"

Amy Bunszel
Vice President AutoCAD Products

"I work in the commercial card product group for Bank of America. I’m also the co-chair of LEAD for Women which is one of the bank’s employee network groups. Today I attended Sheryl Kline’s Mental Toughness for Women seminar... I learned to focus on the goals that I want to achieve and how I need to move them forward. Thanks Sheryl!"

Janet Guthrie
Director, SVP, Senior Product Manager, Card and Comprehensive Payables

"I found this ['Mental Toughness in the Workplace: How to Build an Influential Mindset'] session so personally helpful and especially your presence. You did a great job connecting with the audience and the specific challenges."

Aida Rivas
Senior Program Manager

Kellie McElhaney
Distinguished Teaching Fellow, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Cindy Watson
Labor Attorney, Watson Burns, LLP


Christy Consler
CEO, Sustainable Leadership Advisors

Jennifer Roloff
Key Account Director, Oracle


Watch Sheryl conduct her workshop "Gaining the Mental Toughness to Speak Up and Lead, Together" at the 23rd Annual Berkeley Haas "Women in Leadership" Conference (March 2019)

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So grateful to learn from other experts and thought leaders. Here I'm interviewed by Linal Harris, global entrepreneur, certified life coach, and WVON Chicago talk radio host of “Inspirational Perspective.”


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Sheryl is a Mental Toughness and Certified High Performance Coach™, best-selling author, speaker, moderator and mother of three great adult kids. She is the CEO and Founder of The Zone Lab, LLC. Sheryl specializes in empowering female leaders and emerging leaders to gain clarity on 'what's next' and to build Olympic-level confidence and FBI strategic influence to become even greater agents of change.

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