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3 Best-Kept Secrets to "Win the Day"... Consistently!

win the day Mar 29, 2018

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Have you ever tried to cut sugar out of your diet, but the pantry is full of sugary treats? I have, and it usually ends in failure, frustration and disappointment:(. Now, the pantry is filled with foods that support my desire to be more fit and have more energy. We all have so many good intentions and so much as well as good in us to create and to give. We must give ourselves a fighting chance to achieve what we want and deserve. Not just for us, but also for those who matter most to us.

Here’s one world-class secret to help you "win the day" consistently which can pay mass dividends over the long haul…

Create an environment for your success.

In the video, I mention going to Sonoma every Monday to write my book and clearing off my desk completely when is time to write. Take it a step further, I write off-line in Word and disable my internet connection. When at home, all workout clothes get laid out the night before, water bottle filled up, morning shake made. This sets me up for an active, healthy and low stress way to start the day.  Whether it’s eating more clean, writing a book, or organizing your office, it’s time to set your environment up for success, so you can have the progress you want and deserve!

What’s one way you can set your environment up for success and be highly purposeful today? What will you do, when will you do it and why is it so important?

"Proceed today as if your ultimate success is inevitable."  -unknown

Thrive by Arriana Huffington

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