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Working Hard But NOT Making Enough Progress?

Working Hard But NOT Making Enough Progress?

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Do you ever feel like you are working EXTREMELY hard and...

1.)  not making the progress you want and deserve 
2.)  not feeling acknowledged 
3.)  not able to sustain the pace

If so, you are 100% not alone.

In an effort to disrupt this cycle and make progress towards you achieving your potential in a holistic and sustainable way, we are going to kick off International Women's Day a little early. Let’s all be inspired and learn from the amazing stories, impact and courage from women past and present, so we can be our best and rise, together.

For a moment, step into the shoes of Wilma Rudolph who was one of 21 children (yes, 21!) in her family, and born 1940 in St. Bethlehem, TN. Because Wilma was born premature and inflicted with many childhood illnesses (including polio), she was told by her doctor that she would never walk again.

Her mother told her she would walk again.

Wilma chose to listen to her mother.

With the coaching, cheerleading and pushing from her mother and siblings, Wilma took small steps to prove her doctor wrong... first with braces on her legs and eventually without the braces. She fell, a lot. She likely was frustrated, a lot. She likely cried, a lot. But, she was resilient and persevered to achieve her dream of being on her high school basketball team.

When on the basketball team, her high school track coach saw Wilma and asked her to try out for the squad. She agreed.

in 1956, Wilma Rudolph competed in that year's Summer Olympics and received a bronze medal in the 4X100 relay. Then in the 1960 Summer Olympics, determined to get the gold, Wilma returned to win three gold medals. She also broke at least three world-records and became the first American woman to win three gold medals in one Olympic games. She was named "the fastest woman in the world."

When Wilma Rudolph returned home, she refused to attend her homecoming parade unless it was integrated. Because of Wilma, everyone attended her homecoming parade... together as a community.

What if Wilma’s mother did not believe in her?

What if she did not have an emotional and tactical accountability structure to cheer her on, to push her when she wanted to quit... and to believe in her when she did not believe in herself?

Would Wilma Rudolph have ever walked, shed her leg braces or created Olympic history? Probably not.

Success does not happen in solitude. Without the proper structure in place, you could be holding yourself back from the success and joy that you want and deserve.

Setting up an accountability structure for yourself is a vital component of your next level of success and joy. I talk about this very topic in great detail in my book "ZONED IN." 

Here are a few tips to get you started if you choose to hire a coach, align with a mentor, choose a colleague, or ask a friend to support you. Make sure to:

1.)  choose someone who is not in competition with you in any way
2.)  choose someone who has your best interest at heart
3.)  choose someone who is committed to your success (i.e.: they will show up and be present)

Once you choose the right person or group, we’ll chat about how to build the environment for you to rise in a holistic and sustainable way.

Stay tuned!

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