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Spoken Over by Peers or Leadership?


Spoken Over by Peers or Leadership?

Have you ever found yourself as the ‘only’ in the room (or in the Zoom room)? According to the 2021 McKinsey Women in the Workplace Report, the pipeline for women in leadership is losing ground, and the frustration and emotional tax that goes along with feeling like you’re the ‘only’ adds to burn out and the resignation of our future female leaders.

Imagine if you’re a ‘double only’. The only woman AND part of a group that is further marginalized within our gender. The flame of contribution, conscious capitalism, compassion, and invaluable perspective and knowledge is likely extinguished or dimmed even more rapidly. 

Whether you’re an ‘only’ or a ‘double only’, how can your voice be amplified even more for the greater good of our cultures, companies, and the women coming after us?

Let’s start with having a bigger voice at your next meeting or presentation and empowering our female colleagues to do the same.

From a human performance perspective, here’s how to get started and shift feeling like the ‘only’ and the ‘double only’ to feeling heard, valued, and included: 

  1. Proactively make a big ask:
    Prior to a meeting or presentation, are there any leaders or peers who you voice your perspective or what you’d like to share as well as why it’s important to you and/or the organization? Will he/she agree to spotlight you or redirect the conversation if necessary? Ideally, this wouldn’t be necessary, but if you need help having a bigger voice, ask. Keep in mind there is a good and not so good way to do this, so stay tuned for more on ‘how to make an effective and respectful big ask’.

  2. AB pods:
    Just like an Olympian who practices for decades for a few moments to compete, you’ll want to prepare very well for your important moments too. Forming accountability pods can be a great way to do this. Grab 1-3 colleagues and talk through how the meeting or presentation might go, what could possibly go wrong, AND how to respond to each. Pod members shouldn’t be afraid to push and challenge each other. This is a great way to practice in a ‘safe’ environment prior to the main event. NEVER wing it or else you’re leaving your emotions and impact to chance.

I’m speaking on this very topic for Insight, the Women in Technology (WIT) Network, Oracle, and CREW East Bay and I’d love to bring an interactive event to your organization as well!

“3 Strategies to Amplify of Your Visibility and Impact”

  • Put imposter syndrome to rest, so that you believe you are capable and worthy of being heard, valued and respected. 
  • Have a bigger voice at the table, so that others are aware of your contribution and keep you top of mind.
  • Build influence, so that others champion you, your ideas and area of impact.
    Here’s a brief video to learn more...

If this content will serve you individually or your organization, let's have a chat!

Cheering you on always!


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