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Prepare Mentally and Tactically to Negotiate Under Pressure

high-pressure negotiation Feb 22, 2024

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting, presentation, or other high pressure conversation, emotions are running high, and you’re thrown off your game? Whether you’re negotiating a raise, a new role, or to gain buy-in from your leadership, the ability to negotiate under pressure is a vital skill to have in your tool belt. Let’s explore some key strategies from the Fearless Female Leadership framework that can empower you to handle emotionally charged conversations and high-stakes negotiations and ensure that you are heard, valued, and respected in the moments that matter...

The Three Critical Steps: The Fearless Female Leadership Framework emphasizes clarity, confidence, and influence. These are foundational to any successful negotiation, especially ones that are or have the potential to be emotionally charged.

World-Class Preparation with the ABC Prep Sheet: Just like Olympians, leaders should prepare comprehensively for crucial conversations. The ABC Prep worksheet encourages thinking through various outcomes and ensures you’re never caught off guard.

Download the ABC Prep Sheet.

Understanding the Difference Between Worry and Preparation: It’s vital to distinguish between worrying about potential outcomes and preparing for them. Effective leaders focus on the latter, ensuring they are mentally and tactically ready for any negotiation scenario, good or potentially bad.

Prioritizing Mental Readiness Over Emotional Responses: The video stresses the importance of mental readiness over emotional reactions. Preparing for various negotiation outcomes ensures emotional agility, so you can access your best performance and outcome.

If I can help you or your team for a speaking event, one on one coaching, or if you’d like to know more about how your company can become an early adopter of the Fearless Female Leadership enterprise journey, please email [email protected].

Cheering you on always and to your next level of impact and joy!
- Sheryl


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