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One World-Class Tip to Control Your Day

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Now to today's topic: One World-Class Tip to Control Your Day

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Have you ever had a week where the sh%@t hits the fan? If so, you are most definitely not alone. Here’s a world-class tip on how to best get through it. This tip will also help make those normal but busy days feel a bit more relaxed, in control and rewarding!

One habit that world-class performers have that you can learn too is: develop clear boundaries.

For me, #1 is that I need to get sleep. No sleep means I’m not able to be my best. I can’t serve my 1:1 clients, monthly subscription-based clients or deliver in my corporate workshops and trainings. Full transparency, I am not that fun to be around either (or so I’ve been told :). I set clear boundaries around when I shutdown screens (8:30 pm on weekdays) and when I start my evening ritual (chamomile tea, ice water, meditation). There are exceptions to the rule, but not often. When it does happen, I take a nap during the day, even for 15-20 minutes. Another example of a boundary is when I schedule a one hour lunch-time break to walk, read, eat and meditate (even for 5 minutes!) I may have lunch with a friend, but no work, errands, etc.

What do you NEED to be your best self throughout the day, and how do you protect it?

Here are a couple tips to help you to be world-class at what’s important to you by setting boundaries and taking a little control of your day:

  1. Plan out what boundaries you will need to set to accommodate your new ambitions:
    Whether it’s planning out an important conversation, planning how to accelerate your progress on an important project, or planning your new workout routine, planning is key.
  2. Commit and don’t feel bad about it: 
    Do you want to eat cleaner? Want to get more fit? Always wanted to write a book? Set some boundaries, so you can do it! You will be happier and be a better friend, colleague, and family member for it. Unless your goals and dreams would put a severe hardship on someone else, the time is now. World-class performers are conscientious but determined, and you can be too.
  3. Fill in the crew:
    Let those around you know your new routine, why it’s important to you, and that you would be incredibly appreciative if your request was respected. For example, you want to go to bed at 9:30 pm, so you can work out in the morning. If anyone depends on you at home, you will gladly help them before that time. Do you want to go for a walk, read or meditate during lunch, so you can get recharged? Invite your crew along or let them know that you want to spend time with them ... but you need an hour to yourself during lunch.

Boundaries help you take control of your day, so it doesn’t control you. We have all had those days where we gave up on what’s important to us, and gave into others requests that could have been delegated or deferred. Again, we want to be conscientious but determined, so we can be world-class at what’s important to us.

I am here to support you and to make this content real.

Here’s to you being amazing!

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