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Need to Perform Under Pressure?

Need to Perform Under Pressure?

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Tiffany has a very important meeting coming that will determine funding for an impactful project. Last quarter when she was presenting her data and making an argument for buy-in, she was challenged. Tiffany was told that her numbers didn’t add up, and there was no clear argument for receiving funding. She was angry that she had no support in the meeting and also fearful that she was losing credibility. This anger and fear disabled her ability to pause, regroup and then better influence her colleagues.

The result? 

No funding, and a lot of frustration and disappointment.

With coaching, here’s how Tiffany learned to prepare her mind and make sure emotions didn’t get in the way of her expertise the next time she had to show up and deliver.

  1. Acknowledge and Validate Emotions: 
    For example, “I’m worried about an upcoming important meeting, and it’s ok.” Emotions demand to be acknowledged and are persistent, so this is much more effective than telling yourself "not to worry" or "you have nothing to be afraid of."

  2. Release the Emotion: 
    Take three to five deep belly breaths... in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you inhale, imagine the emotions coming closer to you. As you exhale, imagine the emotion passing through you.

You should now be approaching "the zone" where you are calm, focused and ready to show up and deliver in the moments that matter. 

By the way, I’ve since been notified that Tiffany’s most recent meeting went much better. She not only received funding, but she also received a raise! Getting clear on what we want and how to optimize the emotions associated with it can be a great ally when we understand how to work with them.

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