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My Gift to You: A Secret Tool How to Show Up and Deliver

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Have you taken the Mental Toughness Quiz? If not, NOW would be a great time. This is just a quick snapshot to see where you are in a couple key areas of Mental Toughness.


If you've already taken the quiz, I honor you for investing time to learn about your mindset in certain situations.

Either way, I have a quick question! Have you ever prepared relentlessly for a competitive event, a presentation or even an important conversation only to show up and NOT deliver?

As a student, young athlete and working professional, I had more than a few memorable struggles of my own, and I don’t wish the frustration and disappointment on anyone. This is why I’ve spent the last two decades studying, researching and working with world-class performers, so YOU don’t have to experience what I did. It’s also why it is SO important for me to share this outstanding worksheet that I normally reserve for my 1:1 and group students!

I know you work hard, and you deserve to be amazing, especially when it matters most.

This worksheet is SO important that I will teach you the basic skills HOW to manage your thoughts and emotions in moments that matter. I will teach you How to “Level-Up” in the video below

You might be thinking “I am not a high-level athlete, a senior leader or in the most prestigious academic circles, so how does this apply to me?”

It does!

Mastering your mindset and becoming Mentally Tough are learned skills. You just need to know how and practice. Period.

You have your own Olympics, and you deserve to be world-class when it’s your time to shine.

Knowing how to level-up is not a skill reserved for the elite few. 

You can learn to have a world-class mindset, so you can be your absolute best in high pressure and high stakes situations. This world-class tool will help you show up and deliver, especially when it matters most.

Here’s a challenge that will help you prove to yourself that you can learn to be your best, consistently:

  • Print out and fill in the How to "Level-Up" worksheet (download PDF)
  • Look at it and practice for five (5) days prior to your next important meeting, presentation, competitive event or difficult conversation.
  • Post on the Mental Toughness Coaching Facebook page ( mentaltoughnesscoach) how your event went, and if these tools helped you to Level Up, especially when it mattered.
  • Please also post ( mentaltoughnesscoach) any questions or comments, and I will be sure to comment, support and cheer you on!

Watch the brief video below to help you get the most out my How to "Level-Up" worksheet, and then refer back to it whenever you need to show up and deliver!

Here's to you being amazing!
- Sheryl -

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