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"It’s the Nature of Babies to Be in Bliss.
- Deepak Chopra

Life was pretty simple as a baby. We did not have expectations, responsibilities, comparisons, or judgments placed upon by ourselves or by others, and it was our nature to be curious, have our basic needs met, and follow our bliss or what made us happy. We didn’t overthink, worry about what others think, or get stuck because of some past trauma (that we were possibly unaware of.)

Somewhere along the line, we were influenced by our parents, friends, siblings, society, media, colleagues, partners etc. So, when we’re feeling uncomfortable or like it’s time to shift, it can be challenging to truly determine with utmost clarity and confidence what’s next or when to pull the trigger.

Whether you’re an executive thinking about leaving your corporate career, or you are a twenty-something about to wrap up college and trying to figure out what’s next like my amazing daughter Megan, or somewhere in between, maybe it’s time to channel our inner baby! In other words, reconnect with what’s most important to you.

Here are 4 strategies in a proven process that should help:

  1. Understand your highest sense of integrity
    (What’s most important to you based on YOUR values and needs/wants?)
  2. Know who’s your who
    (Who are you fighting for? Who/what do you care about?)
  3. Discover your bliss
    (What makes you happy, where your passion meets your expertise/what makes your soul sing?)
  4. Decide your best first step
    (We often think that we need to have a perfect plan before embarking on ‘what’s next’. However, it’s often the momentum of action that helps us to see the forest through the trees. So, do the research, make the phone call, take the person out to coffee, put a pen to paper…)

Some of us (I’ve been guilty too!) try to force these questions with a furrowed brow. The SECRET I’ve found is to slow time and create the space and calm and allow the answers to come to you. That will require some discipline on your part, to put the world on hold and take time to just be. Is this at the beach, in the mountains, in the forest, in your favorite chair at home looking out on your garden, or somewhere else?

According to the Twelve Hour Walk (the amazing Colin O’Brady), it may take a while and you should consider doing it while moving, totally unplugged, and alone.

Maybe your walk is shorter or some other version of this, but I’d love to know when you’ll do it and what comes to you while you’re unplugged, calm, and allowing your bliss to guide you. What pops into your head? What signs do you observe?

Here are a couple photos from a recent mastermind led by the amazing @sara Connell, #author, #mediaexpert, and #thoughleaderexpert for #womeninbusiness. They were taken during a silent 60-minute off-the-grid ‘vision quest’ walk. Even without these divine views, similar types of walks are sacred on my calendar.

The experience and value I received was simple yet powerful. I focused on my business. While clear and excited about where it’s going, there were a few lingering details that were unclear to me (and a bit frustrating to be honest). It was in this stillness, that I became crystal clear on not just what the details were, but why I cared so deeply, and how I’d execute the plan.

It all starts with creating the space and allowing your answers to come to you.

I’d recommend thinking about the above strategies first and then trying a silent, unplugged, and uninterrupted ‘vision quest walk’ for 30-60 minutes. At the end, write down any thoughts, physical objects you see that seem meaningful, animals, people, clouds, anything you observe.

Once you’re done, revisit your four prompts above, and see what you come up with. Please do share! I’d love to hear about it.

Watch my (video above) to learn more about the 4 strategies...

...or listen to the Podcast here:


Cheering you on always,


P.s. If you’d like to gain clarity on ‘what’s next’ and get a plan in place, build confidence and emotional agility to see it through, or become more influential in gaining buy-in, I’d love to help! Schedule your get acquainted call, here.


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