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Creating a Safe Environment for Diverse Teams to Have a Voice


Coletta Vigh, former head of Head of Worldwide Channel Strategy and Growth Initiatives for Check Point Software Technologies, is a testament to the power of adaptability, cultural immersion, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From her early days in the hospitality sector in Japan to her pivotal role in shaping global channel strategies, she has consistently demonstrated the importance of a positive mindset and the value of diverse experiences.

In our discussion, Coletta dives deep into the challenges she faced, the pivotal moments that shaped her amazing career, and the significance of fostering diverse teams. Whether you're an emerging professional or a seasoned expert, Coletta's insights will undoubtedly inspire and provide valuable lessons for all.


6:27: Comfort zone: The conversation shifts to the importance of stepping out of one's comfort zone

8:48: Positive mindset- Coletta emphasizes her positive and persistent approach to challenges.

11:57: Hire smart - Coletta speaks on the significance of diverse teams and creating safe environments.

16:08 - Management: Coletta shares her approach to managing potential disruptions in meetings.

17:47: Set the stage - The discussion turns to setting the stage for meetings and ensuring inclusivity.


  • Positive mindset is key. Understand your goals and drive towards your goals with a positive mindset.
  • Positive as well as persistent.  Keep striving towards your goals, even when you hear the word ‘no’.  If you do something that’s not correct then ask the right questions: so how do I do that?
  • You can’t do everything yourself, so hire smart. Your idea that starts as a seed can grow and flourish with the right people supporting you and contributing.
  • Set the stage: Let the team know your intentions for a meeting and what you are looking to achieve.  Prep new hires on what meetings are for and how they work.  Create safe spaces for your team to come together.

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