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3 World-Class Secrets to Train Your Brain

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It’s very common for us to judge ourselves based on other people's sizzle reels rather than what's real. We don't see the struggle, insecurities and messiness of others. Rest assured, it's there at any level whether an amateur athlete or Olympian, whether an intern or CEO, or whether a new mother or the household CEO of 4 teens.

So, how do we focus on progress not perfection to be world-class at what's most important to us?

Today we are going to focus on one thing you can do to get started: Practice saying Affirmations daily.

Consider that we become what we constantly tell ourselves. Evidence-based research shows that affirmations, actually change the brain on a cellular level—in other words, what you think about matters—a lot.

“Thoughts have a direct connection to your health.” says Dr. Joseph Dispenza, author of Physics, the Brain and Your Reality.

Here are a couple tips for you to use Affirmations to be world-class at what's most important to you:

  1. Develop a "can-do" attitude. Sometimes we have to be actors or actresses! Maybe it’s unlikely a goal will happen or uncertain if you will perform at a level that you hope for. Even so, it’s important to believe you can reach your biggest dream or achieve rockstar status when it really matters. Why? You will become more aware of what it takes to get there, you’ll be more confident, more motivated, AND less distracted. Keep affirmations positive and encouraging. You got this! As Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Psychologist and TED speaker says, "Fake it until you become it."
  2. Keep it positive. When you repeat affirmations to yourself ("I am smart enough to reach my biggest dream" or "I am only limited by what I think is possible"), positivity is more than just making you feel good. It will help you believe you are capable, or raise your self-efficacy, and that’s can be a huge motivator and cheerleader especially when if it gets difficult or if you suffer a setback.
  3. Check out ThinkUp™. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Irit Wald, CEO/Founder of the positive affirmations app, ThinkUp ( Essentially, ThinkUp combines positive affirmations with your own voice and with music to change the way we think which helps us DO differently too. You can try ThinkUp here: There is a paid and free version. Try creating and listening to these every night before bed for 10 minutes.

What change or transformation do you want to see? Remember to dream big and do small. Positive affirmations are a great way to start. You have it within you to be amazing, and it starts with believing you can.

I am here to support you and to make this content real.

Here’s to you being amazing!

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