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3 Steps to Build the Influence You Want and Deserve


There is a misconception about influence that it is reserved for the elite few or for those in positions of authority.

We all have ideas, feelings and wisdom that deserve to be heard AND that may have a profound impact on others. I almost look at it as an obligation. Whether you feel like you are influential or not, you can learn to become more influential, and it starts with gaining an influential mindset.

Keep in mind that you believe what you consistently tell yourself, so use your internal voice wisely! You may have to be an actor or actress in the beginning.

I DON'T mean "fake it until you MAKE it."

I DO mean, "fake it until you BECOME it."

The first step to gaining the influence at work OR at home, is to believe that what you desire is possible.

Fortunately, there's a great tool you can use to do just that! It's a positive affirmations app that myself and my 1:1 clients use called ThinkUp. Used consistently (every day for 5 minutes prior to bedtime), ThinkUp is an amazing world-class tool.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Believe in yourself, your ideas, your worth, and your contribution.
    If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s unlikely others will believe in you.
  2. Let go of the outcome.
    Those with an influential mindset are less concerned with the outcome or with what people will think and more concerned about getting their message across clearly and with impact. In other words, they focus on the most important things they have control over to get their message across.
  3. Get accountable to someone who believes in you. 
    The people who we spend our time with shape who we are. If you are looking to build your influence, try finding at least one friend or mentor that believes in you and your ideas. Make a conscious effort to spend time with them to get encouragement and to practice having influential conversations.

I am 100% sincere when I tell you that influence can be yours IF it’s important to you. Like many other skills, it is learned.

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