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3 Key Learnings from Women in Cloud Summit 2019

3 Key Learnings from Women in Cloud Summit 2019

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I am so excited! I spent all day at the Women in Cloud Summit 2019 at Microsoft, learning from over 1,000 of the country’s top technologists and tech entrepreneurs and doing a book signing for ZONED IN.

Let’s talk about a couple of the things from the book that resonated most with these amazing women and which are important to all of us.

  1. The importance of long-term clarity:
    Not just your one-year goal, but your five-year goals. This has less to do with what tasks will you accomplish and more to do with how you want to be remembered or what legacy you want to create. Once this is dialed in (It can be hard to do, but there is a process to figure it out!), you have the platform to create the reality for yourself, your team or for you family.
  2. Discovering how you want to feel in your days:
    I shared tips, tools and habits how to take control of work-life balance, how to slow down your days (Yes.. this IS possible!) and how to feel happy and satisfied at the end of your day as well as determining how you want to feel in the future. Once you have the blueprint, you can build the house!
  3. Learning how to use your voice to speak up:
    ... even when you’re scared or unsure. I heard from some of these amazing men and women, that it's sometimes hard to have the courage to speak up either professionally or personally. I shared how men and women can gain the courage and prepare to speak up, especially in the moments when you're feeling like it would be safer or easier not to.

Whether in the boardroom, classroom or living room, I really want to challenge you to start thinking about these three things. A lot of times, we are clear on our tasks, but not on how we want to feel or the legacy we want to leave. Finally, we tend to put off the tough conversations (I’m guilty too!) that have the potential for the most growth.

If you want to uncover your next level of ambition or want to get dialed into what you want your legacy to be, I'm going to be dropping some really powerful nuggets over the next couple of weeks on how to get that done. Some of the same things that I was talking to these women and men at this recent amazing event.


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