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3 Easy Ways to Accelerate Progress and Get Better Quicker

3 Easy Ways to Accelerate Progress and Get Better Quicker

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I know that you're ambitious, but sometimes our progress isn't as quick as we would like, or we feel like we're working really hard and we're not seeing the results that we want and deserve.

So I'm going to share one, what I called "tiny triumph" today. It's one little thing that you can start doing differently, and it is a tool that elite athletes use. I've been teaching this tool over the last 25 years to business leaders and other world-class performers so they can accelerate their progress and get better quicker.

I also use it myself... often!

Imagery Training

We're going to be talking about Imagery Training, which we just covered in my "live" monthly online roundtable group. Imagery Training is about creating short movie clips that help champion your results. We went deep into this topic, so members could get a really good idea how world-class performers bring what they want to life.

As sited in my "ZONED IN" book, Kayla Harrison is a 26 year old judoka (Judo athlete), that's extremely detailed in her visualization exercises. Months and even years before the Rio Games arrived, she practiced imagery training for 10 minutes before falling asleep each night, mentally going through entire days of Olympic competition. “Waking up, weighing in, packing my bag, getting on the bus, listening to certain music,” she said. “Every night I visualize myself winning the Olympics.” She then went on to defend her Olympic judo title in Rio.

These very same tools can help you achieve your best performance too.  Here are 3 easy ways to get you started with Imagery Training:

  1. Be very mindful of what you think about at night, especially before bed. 
    World-class performers think in vivid detail, what they want and what that finish line looks like. Before an Olympian gets the Olympics, they've been there a million times, in their mind. What does it feel like if you're a swimmer getting into the pool? How is the temperature? What does it feel like on your skin? What does it sound like when the gun goes off? You get the idea. Very vivid details. They also talk about what it feels like to stand on the podium, to hear the crowd, even down to the detail of when they bend down, what does it feel like when the gold medal is placed around their neck? I'm giving you this example because what usually happens for most people is not only do we not know how to do this, we do the opposite and we tend to catastrophize. We worry about what could go wrong and not what we want to go right.

    If we do this, we can wake up feeling defeated before our day even starts and not looking into having our eyes wide open to the possibility of success.
  2. Think about the most important thing you want in your life as part of your bedtime routine. 
    It could have to do with your fitness. It could have to do with your next level ambition, your career. It could have to do with strengthening a relationship. It could be an upcoming meeting.

    In other words, how would that conversation turn out? How would it feel to get to the gym, to go through the class and to be proud when you're done? I want you to be as vivid as possible.
  3. Commit to taking action and also to setting yourself up for success. 
    So if it has to do with getting to the gym in the next morning, for example, get your water and clothes ready and rope a friend into going with you. I have an example for you. A good friend of mine is an amazing masters track athlete. She's in huge, huge training mode right now because she's heading over to Europe for a big race. She cleared out her entire house of junk food because she cannot eat it now. Why would you have that temptation? So let's get very vivid about what you want, and set yourself up for success.

March is "Mindset Month"

This entire month of March is "mindset month," which means I'm going to be teaching world-class Mental Toughness and High Performance tips, tools, and habits, how you can think like the top 1% and help you get to that next finish line.

Here's to you thinking about how you want something to turn out tonight and giving yourself the gift of 90 seconds. If you want to know about my monthly Live Mental Toughness Mastery (online roundtable with Q&A), please drop a note and just say, that's me and I will make sure to DM you with all of the information.

Here's to you being amazing. Here's to you controlling your thoughts and emotions so you can control your reality and your next level of ambition and success.

I'm cheering you on from San Francisco.

Can I Give You More Perspective?

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