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Limitless Leader Launchpad Digital Course

The ONLY step-by-step coaching system specifically for ambitious, heart-centered female leaders, emerging leaders and male allies to go from feeling silenced, stuck or overlooked to being a Limitless Leader who is heard, supported and recognized.

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A DIY digital course with easy to understand videos, worksheets and other tools to help you master and apply concepts to create a roadmap, build confidence to speak up, be heard and unlock your ability to become a Limitless Leader.


The Limitless Leader Launchpad program will help you to:

  • Land your dream projects
  • Earn recognition you deserve
  • Get the promotion
  • Become an agent of change

Chart Your Path ... know who you are and the impact you want to have so you can create the roadmap to get there and have the mindset to show up and be your best in the moments that matter.

Own Your Shift ... without confidence you risk not having a voice. Discover how to have confidence to believe that what you want is possible even in these challenging times.

Mobilize Strategic Allies ... know how to rally key players to support your goals so you can build momentum for your cause, together and achieve wins faster.

Make an Impact ... understand how to next-level your impact so you feel acknowledged, valued and experience more joy in the process.


  • Feel clear, purpose-driven and on path to your next level of leadership.
  • Feel the pride of knowing your contributions are acknowledged and valued.
  • Feel confident and authentic in high pressure or highly important interactions. 
  • Feel happy and optimistic about your workday and proud of your progress.


Summary of Module 1

The goal of the Limitless Leader Launchpad digital course is to unlock what’s already inside you but possibly not accessible... yet. Each video and worksheet will help make this content real for you, so you can incorporate shifts, perspectives and changes into your life. The b.HER.d NOW Framework will help you gain CLARITY on an aspirational level of who you are, how you want to be remembered and how you’d like to show up in the moments that matter most. You’ll also learn to build the CONFIDENCE and scientific-based INFLUENCE to speak up and be heard. After you’ve listened to each module and completed the action items, you’ll be guided to fill in an Overview Worksheet in Module 14. This worksheet will serve as a summary or action hub that you’ll be referring to often throughout the course. By the final module, you’ll have a one-sheet review and game plan, so implementation is a snap.

Summary of Modules 2 to 5

Chart Your Path. World-class performers are extremely clear on who they are, how they want to be remembered, on their long-term vision as well as how they want crucial interactions to turn out. With this level of clarity, we too can have a vision for what matters most in our career and in our relationships. Once we see it, feel it, and connect to it, we can get clear on a plan to get there. If we lack clarity, we lack a vision for the best version of ourselves, and creating a roadmap becomes difficult at best. Let’s chart your path to the best version of YOU and what you were put here to do.

Summary of Modules 6 to 9

Own Your Shift. Without confidence, we risk not having a voice. Why? Five times more powerful than what you say, is the tone and inflection in your voice. Whatever you’re thinking, will likely be interpreted by others. So if you’re going into an interaction thinking “The last 5 interactions have been epic fails … and here we go again” – then your tone is going to lack confidence. Your tone will send a message of doubt. Even if we have the perfect words, consciously or subconsciously, others will likely think “She’s not confident, so I’m not confident in her either.” We also must have a confidence to believe that what we want is possible and also to keep going, especially when it gets difficult. Let’s own your shift, so you can unlock the best version of YOU.

Summary of Modules 10 to 13

Mobilize Allies. Women in male-dominated industries typically have had to fight, hard to be heard and to see the success they want and deserve. What if there was a better way? World-class performers know how to be highly influential in a calm and authentic way to get others to see their point of view and ideally to stand with them in unity. Since success does not happen in solitude, learning how to be highly influential can help us mobilize allies and build momentum for our cause, together. So powerful!

Summary of Module 14

You have come a long way, and here is where we hand over the baton. This is a summary worksheet, so that you have a hub for what you’ve learned and discovered about yourself as well as a reminder that, yes, your next level of impact is happening. 

You have a special place in healing the world, and it is our sincere hope that this b.HER.d NOW Overview Worksheet will prove as your Northstar to keep you on track to where you are being called to go next.

(over $15,000 of content included in this digital course!)

  • All of the curriculum and content I normally reserve for my 1:1 clients
  • 15 full modules explaining my entire b.HER.d NOW™ Framework... a scientific-based curriculum for female leaders, emerging leaders, and male allies to unlock their next level of impact for themselves and their teams.
  • Comprehensive lessons, each with videos and workbook pages to aid in your learning and apply it in your daily life
  • Easy to complete worksheets to help you master the concepts
  • A pre-training and post-training assessment to measure your progress
  • A Success Builder which is your personal weekly plan for world-class progress
  • Access to all future newsletters, blogs, webinars, and podcasts sharing my latest tips for developing Mental Toughness and Sustainable High Performance mastery

(I’ll also include these great bonuses valued at over $2,000)

  • "A Teen’s Guide to Mental Toughness" workbook specially developed for teens to learn how to be Mentally Tough
  • Coaching video on my most recent conversation with a 2x Olympian and gold medalist explaining the two most important factors to being world-class
  • Video interview with Dr. Anders Ericsson, author of Peak and expert on deliberate practice and the science of expertise
  • Personal invitation for exclusive access to our closed Fearless Female Leaders LinkedIn group where you can post questions and comments ... and I will personally provide answers, feedback, live training and lots of encouragement.


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