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Take the New Mindset Mastery Assessment

Take the New Mindset Mastery Assessment

If you’re feeling a little (or a lot:) overwhelmed or out of control, I hear you! You are most definitely not alone. That gets compounded when we are absorbing and managing how other family members and team members are doing. 

In my household, I have one son who is in Nevada with his girlfriend and her family (I’m in California), and my younger son is on the tennis team and a senior at UC Berkeley. The tennis season was cancelled, all of his friends went home and there will be no formal graduation ceremony (except at home!). My daughter (age 20), is supposed to be in Honolulu right now with her best friend for Spring Break. As you can imagine, she’s not too thrilled to be at home with me! Despite it all, everyone seems to be taking everything in stride (most of the time:). 

Let’s take a moment for YOU and check in to see how you’re doing!

How you feel and how you are managing your thoughts and emotions during this interesting time. 

The good news is that you have more control than you think, over your mindset. In other words, while we do not have control over many external factors, we do have control over the voice in our head and the perspective we choose to view a situation from. This in turn affects your mood, your productivity, creativity, motivation and more. The ripple effect beyond yourself when it comes to your family or colleagues can be grand, so let’s make sure you have a good idea where you are. 

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing tips and strategies to build resilience, to reset your mindset when you’re triggered, how to be aware when you should slow down and how to keep moving forward when you need to

Take the Mindset Mastery Assessment

The new (free) Mindset Mastery Assessment is an informal tool to have a check-in with yourself. Once you have a raised awareness of where you’re at, you can take the steps to course correct and get back to the best version of you.

The assessment only takes a few minutes... and you can access it here.

Remember! There will be weekly online community calls at 4:00 p.m. PST every Wednesday this month. Keep an eye out for the link and hope to see you there! Please email me directly with any comments, questions or requests of what you’d like covered.

Keep up the amazing work, and I’m here for you.



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