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Feeling a bit out of control or worried? (You’re not alone:).

Regardless of the status in our career, sport or any other endeavor, we all typically have the same range of emotions. This rings true for Olympians, CEO’s, dignitaries and other leaders and includes the positive emotions as well as the negative ones such fear, doubt, and frustration. The good news? You are normal! The not so good news? These negative emotions can leave you feeling anxious, out of control, lacking creativity, productivity and motivation. 

Learning how to master your mindset can help you to feel more grounded and less worried. You can learn to go from consuming and reacting to learning, doing and moving forward.

Let’s take a few minutes to see how you and/or your team or your family members are doing! This is not a scientific assessment, just a general starting guideline to shine some light on where it may be helpful to improve, so you can be more calm, productive and optimistic.


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